Important Van Body Considerations For Contractors

For contractors all over the country, there are any number of factors that could make their job easier. Good work accomplished in an easier manner, however, can rely very heavily on the tools of their trade. A work vehicle is considered one of those tools. For this reason, in terms of looks, durability, and usability, quality pays where your van or truck service body is concerned. This should be considered when it’s time to buy a new vehicle.

For the needs of your company and technicians to be not only met but exceeded, which service body do you go with? The quality of materials used, construction, and design details are a good place to start when differentiating between service bodies. Keeping those three things in mind, you’ll get the most bang for your buck in three ways:

  • At the time of purchase
  • During the van or truck’s entire service life
  • Resale value

Let’s take a look at some considerations that could help decide which type of contractor van body to select.


Several steel crossbeams should support the service body. Tailgates should contain heavy duty machine hinges and be double paneled. Maximum strength is provided by hinge rods with oversized blocks. Doors should feature construction that is double steel and strong. Between service body parts, seams should be caulked, outside and inside. More protection against electrical shorts will be provided by a plastic loom protecting modular wiring harnesses.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Quality of Materials

The type and grade of metal used for racks and cabinets should be scrutinized. Equally important is how the metal is coated. To maximize durability and gloss retention, a high-gloss, automotive style finish is recommended.

For fender flares, a use of composites is crucial to discourage rust. To guard against compression, freezing, UV degradation, ozone, and water, an automotive style neoprene weatherstripping should be used around cabinet doors and shelving.


At several levels, adjustable, large capacity shelving should be used. Compared to metal struts, to hold top compartments and vertical doors in an open position, gas shocks provide an easier method. Other convenience related items can include portable storage trays, rollout drawers, interior wall tiedowns, rope hooks, and more.


The design of a service body begins on a computer screen or the drawing table. With the complexity of today’s electrical systems and engines, design becomes an integral part of whether or not a service vehicle will comply with the needs of a particular contractor. This can pertain to ultra complex systems like back-of-the-truck extra filler necks to something as seemingly minuscule as a brake light. Also playing a part where specifications are concerned is a vehicle’s crashworthiness.


This is an important ranking and weighs heavily in the mind of technicians and companies. If it’s too much trouble to break into a vehicle, thieves will look elsewhere. Hardened chrome and other sturdy materials should be used for outside handles. Metal locking rods should be operated with these handles and plated with zinc or other anti-corrosive material. Steel rivets, steel brackets, and more should be used to secure interior compartments, etc.

Additionally, never underestimate the added security of a master locking system.

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