Truckers Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking

A higher level of awareness is being raised among truckers regarding human sex trafficking. Information is being distributed at truck stops, truck driving contests, at industry trade shows, on the radio, and the evening news. This may seem like over-load to some – but to the family of a woman or man trapped in the web of human trafficking, there can never be too much awareness. Not only truckers, but the general public must be enlightened as to the enticement, dangers, and pitfalls of these horrific circumstances.

The Louisville, KY Mid-America Trucking Show

Recently, a trailer belonging to the Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) nonprofit organization visited the Louisville, KY Mid-America Trucking Show and invited thousands of attendees inside. Visitors viewed important displays and heard compelling stories explaining the issues regarding the dozens of men and women many truck drivers notice walking around truck stops at night. These men and women, many of them quite young, knock on truckers’ doors and offer their “services” for a price. Unfortunately, many of them are being forced to sell themselves against their will.

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT)

Truckers witness a lot of illegal activity as they cross the country. TAT is teaching them to not turn a blind eye and understand the signs of involuntary sex trafficking. By focusing on teaching truckers to react when they see involuntary sex trafficking, TAT is hoping that this information and awareness campaign will change the truckers’ perceptions of prostitutes and they will alert the authorities.

Trucker Training Pays Off

More than 200,000 truckers have been trained to identify indicators of people being forced into prostitution. Because of that, over the last few years, an increase in the number of incidents have been reported by truck drivers. In 2015, truckers made more than 4,100 calls to police stations directly or to the resource center. That compares to 3,600 calls in 2014.

More Work Is Still Needed

While truck drivers have made a huge impact on the war against human sex trafficking, additional involvement is also needed from the rest of the community. As independent drivers, truck stops, driver training schools, trucking associations, and fleets become more aware of these issues, they are also learning how to act against it.  Every driver needs to be trained to be aware of human trafficking, because it’s not only a trucking issue, it’s a human issue.

Mickey Supports Truckers

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