A Trucker’s Guide to Winter Safety Tips

Just comfortably settled in autumn, it may seem too soon to start talking about winter. But where safety and emergency situations are concerned, it’s never too early. Winter is infamous for causing untold numbers of accidents. Even when no accident occurs, there can be plenty of emergencies due to cold weather and the effect it has on engines and other various parts. Truckers, in particular, must be prepared. The following are a few safety tips that can, hopefully, improve your winter season by helping you to be safe and prepared.

Have a Cold-Weather Safety Kit at the Ready

With all of the good advice below, we certainly hope you never have to worry about an emergency kit. But you should have one anyways. Chains, flares, cones, first aid kits, blankets, etc. Icey cold weather is no time to be stuck without an emergency kit

Don’t Push Your Luck

When driving conditions are hideous, don’t try to be a superhero. Pull off the road and wait until the conditions improve. You’re only risking the lives of everyone trying to tough it out.

Got Plenty of Gas?

A full tank of gas not only adds weight, which will increase traction but will be a godsend in the case of an emergency.

How Are Those Brakes Working?

It’s hard enough to stop on wet, snowy, or icy roads without having to worry about faulty brakes. Keep those brakes in perfect working condition.

Skip the Convoy

While there may be strength in numbers in many cases, it can be dangerous to drive in a pack. No one wants to be involved in a massive pile up.

Avoid Stopping on Road Shoulders

Particularly when conditions are icy, it is treacherous to stop on the shoulder of the road. If you can make it to a rest stop, it’s best to pull over there.

Leave the Tailgating for Sporting Events

Keep the safest distance possible between you and the car in front of you. No one stops well on icy roads – particularly trucks containing massive amounts of tonnage.

Keep Those Lights Clean and Shiny

Driving at night is already hazardous. Add winter to that, and you’ve got an even more precarious situation. Snow and ice mean that lots of salt and mud will be flying up and covering your lights. When you’re driving in winter, it is essential that you see everything in front of you.

Don’t Be in Such a Hurry

No matter what the season, most accidents are caused by excessive speed. Just because a certain speed limit is posted doesn’t mean that you can go that fast all the time. It’s wise to slow down when presented with the high risk posed by wet and/or icy roads.

Your Final Check

Mickey Parts has a selection of safety and emergency kits available for their on-the-road consumers. Whether you drive a big rig, a food truck, haul a refrigerated trailer, drive a van, or make your living on the road some other way, we want everybody out there to be safe this winter. Mickey has service centers located throughout the nation. So bring your truck or trailer in and get those questionable parts replaced before winter takes its toll. If you have any questions, give us a call to find out how we can help.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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