Are You Into Truck And Trailer Modification?

Are you the proud owner of a truck or trailer? Are you thinking about possibly moving in the direction of aesthetic improvements? There are certain modifications that work better than others. If a truck and trailer modification is in your future, you want to make sure that your truck is completely functional while making those modifications. This is particularly true if your business depends on your truck being up and running and in safe, driveable condition. If you’re having doubts about where to start, check below for a few friendly pointers.

Louder Is Better

This does not just apply to trucks, but you can make pretty much any vehicle louder by the simple removal of the muffler. It is, without a doubt, the least expensive modification that can be done to a truck. There can also be no doubt that you will be noticed. One popular method of doing this is to leave the pipe on the hook after sawing off the muffler with an electric saw. Trucker beware, however, this can go the same way as those tinted windows you thought were a good idea. Before making a modification of this kind, the smart thing to do is to look into the laws regarding noise levels in your community and in those you frequently travel.

Tailgate, Running Board, and Cab Lights

If you are handy, and don’t mind tackling something a little more complicated, this modification is going to need a little bit of wiring. You can either talk to a professional about this or, if you know how, you can try it yourself. The kind of lights in question can be picked up from the auto parts store in your neighborhood or in any one of the communities you happen to pass through on a regular basis. These lights come in a vast array of styles and sizes.

How About Those Mudflaps?

Are mudflaps utilitarian or just for show? If you are like many of the truckers on the road today, you may decide to highlight your mudflaps by decorating them with decals or stickers denoting your favorite brands in the trucking industry. Real do-it-yourselfers may choose to make their own mudflaps. What you will need is a box cutter, some rubber, and a lot of creativity. Not feeling particularly energetic or creative? There is no shame in buying prefabricated mudflaps online or from your favorite dealer.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry a vast array of parts for use in upgrades and modifications. Each one of our parts is checked and rechecked. Our inspection process is unrivaled as is our repair service, sales representation, customer service, etc. We’ve learned a few things in the more than a century during which we have been family owned and operated.

Our motto – Designed to Work, Built to Last – pretty much says it all. We have a number of service centers located throughout the nation if tools and modifications simply aren’t your forte. Tell us what you need, and we will be happy to assist you. Check out our website today and see why Mickey Genuine Parts is the leading supplier of van and truck body parts when it comes to availability and service.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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