Top Tips To Parking Semi-Trucks And Trailers

It takes a special kind of person to drive a semi-truck. The cab alone is challenging but, with all the different types of loads that can go into and on big rig trailers, the challenge is magnified tenfold. And goodness knows that when it comes to parking semi-trucks and trailers, it goes from challenging to bordering on down right impossible in some cases. What’s worse, however, is wondering whether or not you’re safe in that parking spot.

Safety Comes at a Cost

The trucking industry has been paying close attention to where semi-trucks are sometimes forced to park. One of the biggest reasons for this is widow Hope Rivenburg, whose trucking husband was murdered. Seems her husband Jason, while out on a long haul, just couldn’t find the ideal place at which to shut his truck down and catch a few winks. Rather than parking in a well-lit area, he had no choice but to choose a desolated spot at the side of the road. The person who murdered Jason that night got away with less than $30.

As a result, a law was passed to seriously assess truck driver parking conditions and make them safe. In 2014, this law was given the title of Jason’s Law. The search for suitable parking conditions is a continuing battle.

So, until there are truck stops and safe havens for all truck drivers, in even the remotest of locations, what can a truck driver do to park safely. Here are a few tips.

Driving and Resting during off Hours

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with one of the next tips (plan ahead), but here goes. You obviously have set up a schedule for your haul. Do yourself a favor and leave either late or early, whichever is best for beating the heavy traffic times. Between 4 PM and 11 PM are the most popular hours for truckers to look for place to bed down. If at all possible, look to the off hours for your rest time. You can now reserve safe parking places with a phone app. But if you haven’t already done so, you hopefully know an out of the way (but secure) location somewhere along your route.

Utilize All of Your Resources

As mentioned, there are now apps for large truck parking: i.e., Flying J, Pilot. Some of these are prepaid spots, some are not. But they allow a driver to reserve a spot ahead of time. When it’s time to start looking for a spot, you can also check out availability by talking to other truckers on your radio. Additionally, you can call the driver manager or dispatcher for help finding a safe parking spot.

Be Sure to Plan Ahead

Every day, before you jump in your truck, take a look at that day’s route. By the end of the day, where do you want to be? On the outside chance that you get slowed down by traffic, or experience a dock delay, plan your rest stop for the day approximately 50 miles short of your final destination point – just in case.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we want to remind all truckers that only about 300,000 parking spaces along our highways fit your trucks; and there are about 3 million of you out there! That makes for some pretty stiff competition. Plan ahead, trust your instincts, and always practice safety.

And when you need parts for your trailer, contact us at Mickey Genuine Parts. Contact us today to find out more.

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