Top Tips To Choose Lift Gates For Beer Delivery Trucks

Where medium work trucks are concerned, for lifting cargo weighing at or in excess of 150 pounds – basic heavy cargo lifting – the best option is a liftgate. This is a platform that uses an electric hydraulic system as it lowers and raises from the side or rear of the truck. Frequently, beer trucks fall within this classification.

The cost of liftgates for beer trucks can vary depending on the lifting capacity, power supply, material, platform size, and gate type. The expenses and headaches a fleet manager can experience may occur when the specs for a liftgate go awry. By avoiding the following mistakes, you can make sure the right liftgate fits the job at hand.

Make Sure You Think About Retention Systems

Do you need a cart stop or retention ramp? This needs to be specified. After the fact, it’s hard to add either one.

Trailer Requirements Should Not Be Overlooked

The platform may be in the way if you need to hitch a trailer. A hitch option may not be available if you pick the wrong tuckaway. Right away, include the fact that you need to hitch a trailer into your liftgate requirements.

Remember to Account for Ground Surface

For extremely hilly delivery surfaces, a cantilever gate is best. In any way you need, you can adjust the gate. The tailgate will still be level with the ground, even if you’re delivering on an extreme downhill or uphill surface.

Power Requirements – Don’t Under Spec Them

Consider an auxiliary truck packet. With a dedicated battery box used specifically for liftgate energy supplies, a separate box is contained underneath the truck.

Make Sure You Match Rear Door Specs with Liftgate Type

A swing door may be the least expensive rear door option. Unfortunately, with a rail style gate, it’s incompatible. With open swing doors, what large platform gates are compatible? Think slider gates or cantilever.

Platform Depth Should Not Be Inadequate

To lift the load in question, the total platform dimensions must be correct. In addition to weight capacity, this must be considered. You are limited by the platform depth with a tuckaway, as an example. Under the chassis, there simply isn’t enough room.

Up to 84 inches in depth can be accommodated by a rail style gate (with a folding platform).

Weight Capacity Requirements Are Essential

As a guide, use the following checklist to make sure the weight capacity and gate are compatible:

  • Weight of the driver
  • Weight of the loading device
  • Weight of cargo and container or package

Truck Bed Height and The Liftgate Should Be Compatible

To allow a gate to be put on, a loaded bed height clearance must be sufficient. A liftgate might not touch the ground or be openable otherwise. Learn the terms “unladen” and “laden”. For the highest and lowest point, each liftgate spec needs to account. To select the liftgate type that is most truck compatible, work closely with the body manufacturer.

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