Top Tips For Customizing Your Food Trucks

If you have a number of food trucks, you may handle more than one type of product. In this case, customizing your food trucks for each product or products you offer could be beneficial. But there are other reasons and methods for customizing food trucks. You may also consider customizing a used food truck to better fit your needs.

The comfort of your patrons is important. Convenience is also at the top of the list. You may even consider entertainment. So, what are some of the special features that can be considered in order to get the most out of your vehicles and create the best experience for your patrons?

Retractable Awnings And Security Awnings

Retractable awning – By adding an electric or manual awning, you can create a more intimate feel for your food truck. While customers await their orders at your service window, the awning will provide much appreciated shelter. If you need to protect your patrons from bright sunshine, snow, or rain, there are longer awnings available. One surprising bonus of this kind of awning is that the customers’ orders can be heard more clearly thanks to the sound barrier that is created by the awning.

Security awning – When your food truck is not in use, the contents will be protected by this locking security awning. Ordinarily, this is made of a sliding piece that covers speakers, external TVs, doors, windows, and other devices from vandalism. It can provide extra branding space and be painted and designed to match the rest of your truck.

External Speakers and Flat-Panel TV

Keep your customers entertained while they’re waiting in line by playing some uplifting tunes through custom speakers.

Music videos can be played on your flat-panel TV or it can be used to exhibit important information such as locations, specials, and to market your menu.

Dual Service Food Trucks

If you truly want to maximize your service and sales volume, consider using both sides of your food truck with dual service station windows.

Perforated Window Film And Vinyl Wrap

Your decal or logo can continue on to the exterior of your windows if you use window perforation. This way, your employees can still see out the windows clearly and securely, but the image on the film will be viewable by customers.

Your own image or personal logo has likely been created by you, a designer, or a combination of both of you. Transfer this logo onto a vinyl wrap for branding so that it can go all the way around your entire truck. Truck wrappings such as these can include advertising materials like business names, menus, graphics, etc. They should also include just the right cutouts for serving windows and other windows, vents, etc.

A Misting System

In places like Florida, misting systems are used at any number of properties (i.e., hotels, restaurants), at festivals, etc. Whether the climate is hot year-round or only during the summer months, your customers will appreciate being able to keep cool while they await their delectable delights. Typically, just above the exterior serving window is a good location for your misting system.

 At Mickey Genuine Parts, we frequently carry used trailers and trucks. For the entrepreneur wishing to save money, this is a highly frugal option. And if you need your food truck serviced, we have Mickey certified service centers located throughout the United States for your convenience. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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