Top 6 Van Shelving Ideas To Maximize Your Vehicle’s Space

If you are working from your van, you know the struggle of keeping your tools organized. Installing shelves and storage systems is an excellent way to solve this problem as well as keep your mobile workstation safe. However, it’s definitely not a simple project to complete. To really maximize your space and improve your work efficiency, several factors must be considered. These include the interior layout, size of your van, storage needs, and workflow.

Getting the right shelving solution is tricky. But don’t worry. Here are some great van shelving ideas from specialists that you may want to try.

Purchase a Complete Shelving Kit

Taking the DIY route is possible if you are experienced in designing and building shelves. Otherwise, buying shelving kits is a more practical choice. This saves you time and even money. Just be sure that you are buying from reputable stores known for selling cargo parts and accessories. Shop for vendors online and don’t forget to read testimonials before making a purchase.

Choose Aluminum Shelves

Commercial van shelves can be made from different kinds of materials such as aluminum and steel. The most recommended options are aluminum shelves. While they are more expensive than steel, they are significantly lighter. That means the risk of overloading your work van and increasing your fuel consumption is less. The only time you should pick steel shelves is when the equipment you are carrying is heavier than average tools.

Opt for Adjustable Shelving Solutions

Some of your best options are adjustable commercial shelves. They save a lot of space, so you have more room to work in. They are flexible, allowing you to alter the van layout to store larger equipment without a hassle. Aside from this, these shelves also save money. Because they are adjustable, you may not need to buy a new shelving system when you decide to modify your van interior in the future.

Build a False Floor

This space-saving idea is definitely a must! A false floor allows you to accommodate larger items while avoiding clutter. You can still have ample working space and access your other equipment with ease. False floors can be built with plywood panels. Be sure that it is accessible through the side door or rear door. To further maximize your false floor, add a sliding drawer or two.

Hang as Much as Possible

Hanging the most needed tools can make your day-to-day work easier. This idea gives you more visibility, making it quicker to find and access pliers, saws, screwdrivers, tape rolls, and other tools. Hanging your tools on the walls or doors of your van also saves space on your shelves, which you can use to secure expensive equipment.

At Mickey Parts, we carry a wide range of van body parts, including shelving and storage systems designed for commercial vans. We also have tie-downs and straps for securing your cargo loads. Aside from supplying your shelving needs, our specialists can also install the systems for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

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