Things To Consider When Upfitting HVAC Vehicles

In the HVAC industry correctly upfitting HVAC vehicles is extremely important. Doing it the right way will boost the efficiency of your operation while preventing the emergence of problems that can disrupt it, so below are some best practices you can adhere to.

What is The Purpose of Upfits?

Automobiles are used in a wide range of industries, for many different purposes. Some of these jobs are specialized and require a vehicle that is modified in a certain way. Upfitting is a procedure where the vehicles will be customized based on the user’s or buyer’s vocational needs. For example, HVAC technicians might require certain storage requirements, whereas locksmiths might need a workbench within the vehicle. The various upgrades and additions that are made to accommodate these requests are referred to as upfits, and can range from adding shelves or ladder racks to full body overhauls.

Essential And Nonessential Upfits

Because of the broad range of upfits that are available, it is important to know precisely what is needed. Doing your research is a necessity, as many manufacturers and dealerships will try to sell more than you need. Three important questions to ask are:

  • Which upfits are most likely to ensure proper transport of HVAC equipment?
  • Which upfits are most essential?
  • Are you already in possession of a vehicle that has upfits you aren’t utilizing?

The most common upfits for HVAC vehicles include tank racks, bins that can hold small parts, partitions, rails, ladder racks, drawers, roof vents, decals and brands, and hooks for hanging manifolds. Depending on the work you plan to do, you might need all or some of these upfits, which is why research is so essential.

Individual Upfits Versus Upfit Packages

Generally speaking, upfit packages are considered to be more affordable than purchasing upfits individually. A packaged installation also means that the vehicle can be upfitted simultaneously, which is often better than having to spend time for each individual upfit.

There might also be circumstances where you can get special deals for upfitting large numbers of commercialized vehicles. Those that intend to purchase a cargo van or HVAC truck that is new with financing might be able to get the upfits financed at the same time.

Finding A Trustworthy Upfitting Partner

It is highly recommended to work with trustworthy partners that understand the HVAC sector. They will help you find premium aftermarket equipment from the most suitable vendors, which eliminates the stress of trying to do it yourself. A lot of upfit manufacturers are well connected with multiple trades and industries which make them valuable assets.

Your Upfitting Deadline

Meeting deadlines is a necessity in the HVAC business. You need to know precisely when you want the vehicles upfitted. This can occur at any time, such as during your initial purchase or months or years afterward. Depending on the circumstances it might be prudent to perform the upfitting during the initial sale since you won’t have to worry about it later. You also have to consider the time that will be needed to perform the upfitting.

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