These Are The Features You Need In Your Landscaping Truck

Creating picturesque landscapes is no easy task. A landscaping truck must be durable and sturdy enough to meet all of your landscaping needs. Before selecting a truck for your landscaping business, consider the key features that will enable it to perform well. Take into account all of the factors that can impact its performance, such as the size of your operation and the capacity you require. Here are the key features you should consider when choosing a truck for your landscaping business.

Flatbed Body

Having the bed of the truck to be completely flat will certainly be a major boon for your loading and unloading needs. It saves time and reduces the hassle of transporting your items from A to B, especially when you simply need to secure your items with elastic bands or ratchet straps. A flatbed body also allows your items to be arranged in any manner you like, so long as space permits. Do away with the hassle of hooking up a trailer.

Locking Toolbox

Landscaping is a task that requires tools both big and small. While your truck can haul the bulkier and heavier machinery around, it’s always a good idea to have a lockable toolbox on hand to secure your smaller tools. These tools may include saws, shears, blades, and scrapers. A good option to have on your landscaping truck is an underbody toolbox. A toolbox that can rest on the floor of your truck can also work. Coming in various shapes and sizes, do pick one that best caters to your needs.

Dumping Mechanism

Moving and shoveling dirt and other materials around is unavoidable in landscaping. Moving and shoveling dirt in an efficient way, however, is also possible with a dumping mechanism on your landscaping truck. A flatbed truck with a platform dump body, or a dump trailer that can be towed behind your truck will do the trick. Do take into consideration the maximum weight the dump body can hold, its size, and the type of hoist mechanism used. It’s also a good idea to have spare parts on hand to fix any faults with your truck.

Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Fuel economy costs can form a huge portion of your expenses in the landscaping business. While getting the best, most powerful vehicle out there is a tempting prospect, it is crucial to pay attention to fuel consumption. Diesel trucks have a tendency to consume less fuel while having decent towing capabilities. This makes them favorable vehicles for many industries, including landscaping.

Large-sized Cab

Having a cab with a large capacity is ideal for any truck. With a larger cab, you can fit more tools and members of your team. Your vehicle can also double as a passenger transport on non-working days. As noted above, do pay close attention to the capabilities and features of the trucks that you consider. Unless you are dead set on purchasing a particular make, the decision usually boils down to logistical factors and personal preferences.

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