The Latest Advances In Trailers

Throughout their years of existence, the designs and materials used to advance the life of trailers have improved safety, cut operating costs and maintenance, and added to a trailer’s general life expectancy. But now, after listening to conversations with fleets and manufacturers, and viewing new product announcements, we have put together a list of trends and developments that are quite significant. Let’s take a look at them.

Tire Pressure/Inflation and Monitoring

With this new, state-of-the-art advancement, drivers can boost fuel economy and prevent expensive blowouts and flats with proper air pressure.

Wide Base Single Tires

Less energy is needed to pull whid based tires because of the stiffness of their sidewalls (they flex less). Wide based wheels and tires, over traditional dual wheel fitments, save approximately 400 pounds per tandem. To avoid stopping for flats, however, automatic inflation systems and tire monitoring would be necessary. (See above.)


Greenhouse gases can be reduced and fuel can be saved – on the drawing table right now are designs for truck bodies and trailers that are more streamlined and aerodynamic.

AR Steel

One of the biggest advancements for dump trailers is abrasion resistant steel. It extends the life of a vehicle by resisting damage and, when compared to mild carbon steel, is 125 times stronger. It saves weight by reducing the thickness of floors and walls. And that means a bigger payload can be carried.

Protection from Corrosion

The steel on trailers and components constantly has the life sucked out of it by corrosion. This can be a safety factor as well as shortening the life of a trailer and affecting its overall aesthetic appeal.

One example of an appropriate application of corrosion protection would be brake shoes: corrosion can push linings away from metal tables. This is referred to as jacking. The answer to this corrosion issue was simple. Treat the shoes so that they would resist rust.

Additionally, galvanized steel and stainless steel are used because they either stand up well to corrosion or simply don’t trust. Protective surface coatings are also used. They bond well to surfaces and can be sprayed on almost anything.

Parts Made from Aluminum

Aluminum is not new, nor is it a secret. It has been a material responsible for lightweight, good-looking vehicles of all types, for years. The trucking industry has made it even more popular by using it for drop deck trailers and flatbeds. It is perfect for outsized cargoes and heavy loads.

Design Details Oh So Clever

Trade shows are a great place to discover how clever engineers can be. Some of the newest and latest products popping up that reflect the clever designs of engineers are as follows:

  • LED lamps – these use about 1/10 the current as do the old lamps but last 10 times longer
  • adhesives and fasteners – they bond parts and material securely but are inexpensive
  • stout floors – resists deterioration but can handle high loadings
  • gaskets – everything from inflatable gaskets for rollup doors to regular gaskets that seal swing doors securely and properly
  • scuff liners – stave off forklift assaults with puncture resistant, tough plastics
  • composite wall panels and doors – sandwiched, thin steel sheeting and foam makes them lightweight, strong, and compact

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