Take It From Us: 10 Mickey Dealership Tips For Success

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we not only enjoy success but carry a certain amount of pride from being a top name in the industry. But we didn’t get there overnight, and we worked hard to establish that reputation. The Mickey Experience has been in existence for no less than 75 years. And it takes all of our experienced, dedicated team members to not only establish the excellence people have come to expect from Mickey but maintain it.

With that in mind, we have put together what we feel are some of the most helpful tips for those seeking success.

Develop a Training System That Is Appropriate and Adequate

A unique set of skills is required for the exceptionally complicated outside sales process. A product’s technical aspects are something that commercial sales representatives must familiarize themselves with. A complete training system will need to be implemented in order for proper representation by qualified employees.

Pay Your Employees The Right Amount

For marketing and advertising, more money is usually spent on retail sales (possibly 25 times more) than on commercial sales. Consider what your commercial salesperson can realistically earn on commission. In order to retain employees, their long-term base pay must be adequate (and competitive).

Your Buyer’s Time Is Valuable – Don’t Waste It

Make the acquisition of new vehicles convenient and easy for your buyer. Accessories and extended warranties can still be offered but speeding up the sales interaction process will keep your buyers coming back.

Business Networking Groups and Trade Associations

Actively participate in these. One key to success, when it comes to top sales consultants, is the involvement in professional organizations. Up to 61% of your business could possibly be traced back to participation in these types of groups.

B2B (Business-To-Business) CRM Should Be Developed

Finding the right B2B CRM is essential. By using the wrong kind of software (typical, retail B2B CRM), and contacting prospects and customers too frequently, relationships can be killed.

Department Leadership That Is Strong and Exemplary

A successful sales manager holds his team accountable for following the marketing plan and following sales, and one who makes sales calls with his team.

A Detailed Marketing and Sales Plan Is Needed

You can break this strategy down in the following manner:

  • Month by month, long term budget
  • Month by month, long-term marketing plan
  • Daily activities
  • Weekly activities

And don’t forget to stick to the plan through accountability and commitment.

Sales Opportunities Can Be Killed By a Lack of Inventory

Prospects can be turned away as a result of a meager inventory offering. You will struggle if you are too scared to adequately stock inventory.

Commercial Sales and Retail Sales – There’s a Difference

In fact, they are practically polar opposites. A critical part of your success could be calling on prospects – that means getting out the door and hitting the street. The commercial side of business should never be limited to showroom traffic.

Invest in Employees From the Get-Go

Don’t think that success can be achieved by a one-man show frame of mind. A successful team is made up of more than one player. Consider having, at the very least, a sales manager dedicated to commercial sales and no less than two sales consultants, in addition to yourself.

Mickey Genuine Parts has established a reputation that is beyond reproach. We stand behind our service, our parts, and our sales. When it comes to reliability, you can count on Mickey. Contact us today to find out how Mickey can be of assistance to you when it comes to service, parts, trailers, accessories, vans, and so much more.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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