Start A Farmers Market Out Of A Used Party Trailer

More and more, foods that are delicious, organic, and local– in other words, ‘real’ food–are appealing to Americans. In the past two decades, farmers markets have increased exponentially. People want to know who grows their food or, at the very least, they want to know personally who’s selling it.

Are you an ambitious individual? Have you been searching for a way to start your own business? With a used vending truck or party trailer you could create your very own travelling farmers market. Even if you don’t grow the food yourself, but are closely acquainted with the person who does, you can represent the food you sell on a personal level, to each and every one of your customers.

You Will Need a Plan

To start a farmers market, draft a professional business plan. What kind of market will you be dealing with – i.e.,craft vendors, food vendors, organic-only producers and growers, inner-city neighborhoods, etc.? You can’t start a business without a mission. If necessary, seek professional assistance.

Consider Creating a Team

Building a team consisting of 5 to 10 vendors helps to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Promote your business as much as possible. Make sure that all your friends and relatives tell all of their friends and relatives and so on. Create a website telling all of your faithful customers where you will be next.

Have a Diversified Market

Don’t concentrate so much on one thing as much as spreading out your selections. Even if you start small, you can still have a combination of animal stuffs, vegetables, fruit, etc. to choose from. Always consider your audience, location, and your specific goals.

Location, Location, Location

Markets can be made or broken just by choosing the wrong location. Ensure that all audiences and ages can access your farmers market. Make sure you’re easy to get to and that you are highly visible. Locate your farmers market close to public transportation and have plenty of parking for bikes, motorcycles, and automobiles.

It’s Your Market – You Make the Rules

Though you will have to stick to city and state regulations and rules, they will differ from town to town. Other than that, you make the rules. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Exactly who is in charge?
  • How much are you going to spend as a vendor?
  • When and where will you operate your farmers market?
  • What products will you sell and who will be on your team?

Once you are aware of the rules and regulations set forth by city and state, follow them to the letter. You will likely have to comply with a state or city public health office. Other huge considerations are health and sanitation, insurance, structures (if any), licenses, taxes, and more.

At Mickey Genuine Parts we sell used to party trailers, vending trucks, bulk trailers, beverage bodies, and much more. We stand behind each and everything we sell, so you know you’re getting a reliable trailer or a vehicle. Contact us today to see how Mickey can be of help with the beginning of your new career as a traveling farmers market.

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