Should Non-CDL Truckers Bring Their Pets Along For Trips?

Have you noticed that more and more hotels, motels, and resorts are changing their established policies to that of being “pet friendly”? (It’s especially good to know which ones accept pets if you’re traveling with your pet and end up down for a day or two with repairs.) There is a good reason for changing policies over to pet friendliness. People don’t like leaving their pets behind when they travel. Yes, there are facilities that will kennel pets while you’re gone, some even offering luxury accommodations. But that makes no difference to many pet owners. They prefer their companions with them while on the road, on vacation, during business travel, etc.

Particularly in America, we love our pets! That’s all there is to it! In many cases, they are treated as an important part of the family. To many singles and couples, pets are basically considered their children. Non-CDL truckers offer little exception.

Non-CDL Truckers and Their Pets

Where truck drivers are concerned, 60% own pets. How many of those bring their pets with them? No less than 40%. Is bringing a pet along as a truck driving companion a good idea? Well, why not?

What kinds of pets are we talking about here? Along for the ride are animals such as ferrets, reptiles, birds, cats, and, of course, dogs. Naturally, there is some preparation involved when considering a ride along for your pet. So that your pet and you can travel in harmony, we are going to offer a few suggestions.

Before Non-CDL Truckers Load Up Their Pets

There are a few things to consider before you and your pet hit the road. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Pet care – Life on the road is going to mean bringing along essential supplies. A great place to start is with a leash, toys, treats, food, and water. If your pet needs to relieve itself, and you’re stuck in traffic, what are you going to do? Plan for and expect the unexpected. You want your furry (or scaly or feathered) friend to have the safest environment possible. Make sure that you acquaint yourself with emergency animal clinics along your route, should your pet suffer an accident or illness.
  • How is your driving experience? It can be dangerous enough maneuvering the highways and byways. Add a pet to that and things can get a little hairy now and then. Make sure you have plenty of experience on the road with your chosen vehicle before you make the decision to bring along your little passenger.
  • What is company policy? Not all companies feel the way you do about your pet. They may, in fact, forbid you to bring them along. Just to make sure, check and double check your company’s policies. (In addition to company policy, check with the policies at rest stops along the way. Many today are pet friendly – but some are not.)

Where Will Your Pet Ride?

For many dogs and cats, harnesses are available which hook up to seatbelts. Make sure that the airbag on your pet’s side of the vehicle is not operational. Airbags can kill a small animal. Otherwise, you might consider a travel case for your pet which is also secured in place. Unrestricted animals can cause accidents, so your pet should always be restricted and never be allowed to ride on your lap.

Consider, as well, how sociable your pet is. Will problems arise if other animals are encountered along the way?

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Trucking can be a lonely profession. You’re away from friends and family and spend long hours on the road, in many cases. Boredom and loneliness can be combated nicely with a pet. Social isolation, anxiety, depression, and stress can all be alleviated, in part, with your little best friend at your side.

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