Is Refrigerated Beverage Trailer Rental A Good Idea?

Depending on where you live, the shipping business may be booming. Small wonder that so many individuals are looking into investing in a refrigerated beverage trailer to either supplement their income or as a full-time career. But buying one of these trailers outright can be a pricey endeavor. Many individuals getting into the business for the first time, or those expanding to another additional trailer, are choosing to rent their trailer – at least until they can afford to purchase one of their own.

Not all refrigerated beverage transport businesses need an entire fleet, of course. But sometimes the need arises for more than one trailer. Having trailers sitting around that aren’t working is not cost-effective, but having one at your disposal when you need it is a handy prospect. This is why many individuals choose to rent refrigerated beverage trailers when they need them.

What Are the Benefits of Renting Your Trailer?

Purchasing an entire fleet of trailers could take years to pay off – it is definitely a long-term investment. Renting, on the other hand, whenever you need the extra trailers, is far more cost-effective. Here are some additional benefits to renting your refrigerated beverage trailer:

  • Some rentals come with many accessories that you will need in order to use the refrigerated beverage trailer
  • Price calculation – instead of trying to calculate the cost that occurs when you manage purchased property, it is simpler to calculate the price of a rental which is all-inclusive
  • Long-term leases and short-term rentals (rental options in general) are convenient and flexible
  • If it breaks down, there will be no unexpected loss – just get another one
  • Rather than having to concentrate on managing a fleet, you can focus on the central activities of your business
  • No trailer storage bills to pay
  • While on the road, you are likely protected under some kind of liability agreement
  • No continued maintenance and upkeep to pay for

Short-Term Rental Versus Investing in Your Own Trailer

If you’re going to be shipping refrigerated items long-distance only occasionally, short-term rental will be the obvious choice here. Holiday demand, or an unexpected spike in demand that you don’t expect to last, will likely call for the short-term rental of a refrigerated beverage trailer just to fill the sudden but brief need.

On the other hand, investing in a number of trailers could be a viable option. If this is a growing business that shows no obvious signs of dwindling, an investment could be called for. Though it’s hard to see into the future, downright impossible actually, you may get an inkling of whether or not, in the coming years, you are going to experience a large amount of shipping demand.

Why Not Purchase a Used Refrigerated Beverage Trailer From Mickey?

When buying a brand new, shiny refrigerated beverage trailer isn’t really an option, and renting one every time you need it is getting old, there is another option. Consider buying a used refrigerated beverage trailer from Mickey. We have an affordable selection of trailers that all carry the Mickey guarantee, pass our rigorous inspection process, and come with our outstanding customer service department at the ready to assist you as needed. Mickey is a leading name in the transportation and trucking industry with decades of experience, knowledge, sales, and service. Call Mickey today and find out if we have the refrigerated beverage trailer you need to either complete your fleet or get you started on your way to a new business in the shipping and trucking industry.

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