Mitigating Risks When Investing In A Used Semi Truck

Are you considering expanding your fleet? Whether it’s for commercial purposes or personal use, one cost-saving option is the worthwhile search for a used semi truck. Compared to a new model, it’s going to cost far less. And you’ll know there are still many years and miles left on it if you make sure to buy it from a reputable dealer who sells only well-maintained used trucks, trailers, etc.

It’s not that you are expecting something good as new, it is used, after all. But there are warning signs you must thoroughly check for during an inspection of any used item before buying. That way, the wrong purchase can be better avoided.

The next time you decide to shop for a used semi-truck, trailer, etc., to avoid the risks that can be involved, we are going to refer a number of well-thought-out tips.

Don’t Buy Bigger Than What Do You Need

While you’re looking for used semi-trucks for purchase, before you dive in headfirst, consider the scenarios in which it will be used. Bigger may be better when it comes to some things, but not necessarily when it comes to trucks. Worse gas mileage can be a result of a too large or overpowered purchase.

Before You Buy, Check the History

The history of a truck should be investigated before you purchase it. Take your time. You may want to use the trucks VIN to do this through directly contacting the local DMV/DPS. A truck will never be 100% if it was involved in a serious accident. An entire body overhaul may be needed, and then some.

Consider the Mileage

In order to keep it heavy-duty work-ready and running, at around 750,000 miles, trucks will likely need a major overhaul. Those fixer-uppers can sometimes present a good deal, but high levels of mileage are something to be wary of. To make it a reliable, safe purchase, consult with a mechanic or other expert regarding the precise truck you’re looking at and what kind of mileage can be expected from it before an overhaul is necessary. Also find out how much an overhaul is going to cost.

Doors and Window Seals Must Be Checked

Always check doors and window seals to make sure they’re in good shape. Your truck’s aerodynamic optimization can be reduced by poor seals. While on the road, this can also lead to other issues. For example, the temperature of your cabin can be affected by poorly sealed doors and windows.

Lights On – Lights Off

Before you purchase, start the truck up. Do a visual inspection to make sure everything is in good condition. This includes properly working lights. Other electrical problems could exist if lights aren’t functioning as they should. There are strict legal standards when it comes to lighting so don’t buy someone else’s problems by purchasing a used truck that has electrical issues.

Consider the Condition of the Tires

Of course, you may already have decided that buying new tires is simply going to be part of the cost involved in buying a used vehicle. However, if the tires are worn, to make sure everything is in the right condition and functioning properly (other parts associated with wheels, steering, braking, tires, etc.), pay attention to exactly how the tires have worn. Wearing on one side could mean that the vehicle is pulling and there is a suspension/alignment problem, and more.

Additionally, watch for rust under the hood and on every corner of the truck body. The previous owner probably wasn’t caring for the vehicle properly if there’s a lot of rust. It’s going to need paint, bodywork, maintenance, etc. Also make sure all the proper paperwork accompanies the vehicle. Nobody needs the headache of purchasing a stolen vehicle!

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