Missed The Singles Day Sale? Check Out Mickey Parts’ Beverage Trailer Clearance Items!

Beverage trailer clearance items are available at Mickey Genuine Parts! Of course, that’s not all. We carry an impressive selection of parts, accessories, trailers, and more. What’s even more, we have certified service centers located throughout the United States at which to receive expert workmanship on your truck or trailer.

And while we’re going to take a look at what’s currently on clearance at Mickey Genuine Parts, keep in mind that our inventory is constantly changing – especially where clearance items are concerned. Before ordering, check the availability of the part you’re looking at.

Now let’s see what’s on sale!

Mickey Removable Shelf (used)

The pin setting on this removable shelf is 34 inches and the shelf is 43 inches wide. In Mickey trailer bays, the removal shelf is used for multiple levels of storage.

Mickey Removable Shelf

Another removable shelf for your Mickey trailer, this time for bays that are 40 inches wide. It is also used for multiple levels of storage, as was the previously listed part.

Used Mickey Removable Shelf

With a pin setting of 37 inches, this removable shelf is 46 inches wide and used for multiple levels of storage in your Mickey trailer bays.

Mickey Driver Side Pad Lock Handle

The name says it all – this is for the driver’s side of your vehicle. It is a pad locking door handle, styled by Mickey, complete with plate.

Mickey Passenger Side Pad Lock Handle

This is the same Mickey styled pad locking handle as above, but this time for the passenger side of your vehicle.

Passenger Side Key Lock Handle by Mickey

This key locking door handle, styled by Mickey, comes complete with lock cylinder and plate for the passenger side of your vehicle.

Driver Side Keylock Handle by Mickey

This is the same Mickey style product previously listed, but this time for the driver side.

Mickey Used Items

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we frequently carry clearance items and used trailers of varying types. And again, though stock varies, we’d like to introduce you to what we have on the lines of used trailers. Currently available are vending bodies, van bodies, refrigerated beverage units, party trailers, bulk trailers, beverage trailers, beverage bodies, and battery bodies.

Are you worried about maintaining your Mickey trailer? Don’t be. We have certified service centers located throughout the United States for just such purposes. We can install your parts and accessories, service your vehicle as needed, and help you make that Mickey trailer last as long as it possibly can. And with the reputation behind Mickey parts and service, that’s going to be a long time.

By purchasing Mickey Genuine Parts, you are not only secure in the knowledge that you are receiving high-quality accessories and parts for your trailer, but that they will be an exact fit for your Mickey trailer. Brand-new parts are great. We all love brand-new parts. But there are times when saving money is of the utmost importance. By purchasing used parts through Mickey, you are still guaranteed the same high level of quality, but you get to save substantial money. Contact us today to see how we can be of help to you.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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