The Mickey Route Buddy Makes The Most Of Delivery Efficiency

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry a wide range of parts and accessories for your truck, trailer, van, and more. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the Mickey Route Buddy. Later on, in this product spotlight, we’ll have a surprise product that no owner of a Mickey Route Buddy should be without. But for now, let’s see what the trucker’s new best friend is all about.

The Mickey Route Buddy

Compared to your average hand truck, the Mickey Route Buddy (part # 4956248) holds about four times the load. This is going to come in mighty handy when you have a limited amount of time in which to make a lot of deliveries. Why? Because a fuller hand truck means fewer trips back and forth. Fewer trips equates to less time spent at each stop.

On this special hand truck, the arms fold in for storage. A handgrip that is ergonomically designed allows you to store this hand truck on the back of your truck. This is done through the aid of the surprise product discussed earlier – the Mickey Route Buddy Rack. The rack, which is sold separately from the Route Buddy, is described below.

The Mickey Route Buddy Rack

Also available from Mickey Genuine Parts is the partner of the Mickey Route Buddy, the Mickey Route Buddy Rack (part # 4955460). The rack gives you the opportunity to effortlessly, conveniently, and safely store your Route Buddy so that it isn’t sliding and bumping around inside your van, truck, or trailer. Using this product will help keep your Route Buddy in the best possible condition.

Save Your Back With The Route Buddy

Do regular hand trucks save backs from strains, sprains, and pulls. Yes. But using one incorrectly can do far more harm than good. While hand trucks make moving loads faster and easier, if used carelessly or incorrectly, they can cause serious injury. Heavy or large loads should not be carried on a two-wheel hand truck. This is why the Route Buddy is such a blessing. It can carry nearly any kind of load almost effortlessly.

Hand Truck Safety Tips

Mickey can ship orders the next day, provided we receive your order by 2pm and the part is in stock. But until your new Mickey Route Buddy comes, here are a few safety tips to help you with your average hand truck in the meantime.

  • Use stair crawlers when going up or down stairs
  • Keep loads from slipping or shifting with a ratchet belt tightener
  • Inspect your nylon heavy-duty securing belts every day for wear and damage
  • Make a too-big load several smaller loads
  • Push, rather than pull, hand trucks, dollies, and carts
  • Inspect your hand truck every day for welding breaks, damage, and wheel wear

Always use this personal protective gear no matter what kind of hand truck you are using: foot guards, steel toed shoes or boots; a back-belt; leather gloves.

Buy the Mickey Route Buddy Today!

When you buy your Mickey Route Buddy from Mickey Genuine Parts, you know you’re getting the same great quality and guarantee of expedited shipping that all Mickey parts carry. Check out our selection today to see how Mickey can be of service to you.

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