Maintaining Your Refrigerated Truck Bodies Is Easier Than You Think

No matter what the product being transported – poultry, meat, seafood, produce, ice cream, flowers, etc. – refrigerated truck bodies must keep that product at precise temperatures. A recipient can turn down the load if it is not at the correct temperature. That spells disaster for the transportation company and the business providing the product.

The best way to make sure that the refrigerated trucks in your fleet consistently deliver products at the precise, required temperature is with proper maintenance. Let’s take a look at some preventative maintenance guidelines that will help guarantee a cool journey for the products entrusted to you.

Ensure A Good Return on Your Investment with Routine Maintenance

Above all else, the temperature control within the truck must be in perfect working order. The body of the truck, the trailer itself, and the vehicle pulling the trailer are all essential parts of the equation as well. But if that cargo is not kept at precise temperatures, all is lost.

Hopefully, a quality refrigerated unit was purchased in the first place. Regular maintenance will provide the best return on investment and prolong the life of the vehicle.

Know And React Appropriately to Warning Signs

The best line of defense against a breakdown is for the trucker to keep a close eye out and an ear open for changes in their vehicle. A driver should know the standard performance of their vehicle and be able to take note of any changes or deviations from the norm.

One example would be your unit taking longer than usual to cool down. Weird behaviors or odd sounds are other signs that something may be wrong. Don’t wait – schedule an appointment with your mechanic ASAP.

Pre-Trip Checks Are Essential

It’s cheaper and less involved to perform repair on an empty truck in the garage than it is on a loaded van out on the road. Time and money will be saved by pre-trip checks that include the following steps:

  • Check oil and coolant levels
  • Evaluate the drains
  • Review temperature and fresh air settings
  • Assess the seal and locks on the door
  • Visually check the walls (or skin) of the insulated space for cracks
  • Make sure that the container’s interior is clean

Don’t Neglect Routine Tune-Ups

Checking oil and coolant levels, and seeing to it that the oil is clean, are basic maintenance tasks. For optimal performance, every 3000 miles the oil should be changed. And because refrigerated trucks are more sensitive to dust, dirt, and water, refrigeration units should be inspected to make sure the no contaminants have been introduced. This will ensure consistent temperatures being maintained within the truck body.

Get Inspections Done by the Experts

An important part of preventative maintenance is the scheduling of regular checkups. Between inspections, newer vans and trucks can go approximately 100,000 miles. This does, however, depend on the conditions under which you drive. Extreme conditions may call for inspections every 25,000 miles.

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