Improving Semi-Truck Fuel Efficiency Is Easier Than You Think

If you own a business that relies on the transportation industry, you already know how important it is to save pennies wherever you can. Many people may not think that saving pennies is a big deal, until they have to start worrying about fuel efficiency and their bottom line. When you figure the thousands of miles that your vehicles travel, pennies per mile adds up. Are you experiencing the best semi-truck fuel efficiency that you possibly can?

If your company is seeking ways to reduce costs, or if you are an independent operator, a major concern in either case is semi-truck fuel efficiency. “But how,” you may ask, “can I possibly increase fuel efficiency any more than I already am?” You may feel like you’re doing all you can, but there are a few easy ways to meet this challenge which you may not have considered.

Let’s figure out how to stay on the road longer between stops and save money when it comes to fuel.

Big Savings through Small Maintenance

When you get the most out of your fuel, you are making a significant step toward peak performance. You’ll never experience the best possible fuel efficiency for your truck if you don’t take vehicle maintenance to heart. Your rig will burn more fuel and have to work harder if you skip core maintenance. 

Here a number of things to make sure you stay on top of…

Properly Loaded Cargo

This isn’t a maintenance issue, but it is important nonetheless when it comes to fuel efficiency. Fuel use increases when cargo weight increases. However, your fuel economy can also be impacted by how you load and secure cargo.

The higher a load is stacked the more wind resistance will occur. This lessens fuel efficiency. It is also important to equally distribute the weight for safety, yes, but fuel efficiency as well. 

Cut Costs by Driving Smart

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: Jackrabbit starts and stops decrease fuel efficiency. Additionally, stick to the speed limit or just under to keep your fuel economy at its best.

Stop Unexpected Issues in Their Tracks 

If, while you’re headed down the highway, you hear something strange, stop! Check out where the noise is coming from and what is causing it. Letting something that seems like a little annoyance go for days, then weeks, then months, could lead to a major catastrophe that could have been avoided if you had simply checked it out right away.

Change Filters

Efficient engine operation can be adversely affected if filters are not kept clean. Core components of your truck involve engine air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters.

Fluids and Oil

Fluids must be constantly monitored in your vehicle. Engine wear is increased if the internals are not lubricated properly because thermal breakdown decreased the ability of your oil to do so. Watch your levels.

Keep up with oil changes. An engine will run less efficiently if sludge buildup and unnecessary wear are experienced because of old oil.

Correct Tire Pressures

The chances of damage are increased, while fuel economy is decreased, and irregular wear is caused by a tire pressure decrease of only 10%! That’s pretty significant. It’s worth the effort to check your vehicle’s tires constantly, no matter how tedious it seems. 

Mickey Genuine Parts knows how to get the most out of a vehicle. The trained technicians in each of our conveniently located, certified service centers are on top of their game. That’s why numerous fleets depend on us for their preventative maintenance. If you’d like to schedule maintenance on your vehicle or purchase a part, contact us and talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives. 

Let’s keep truckin'.

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