Improving Commercial Fleet Productivity Via Preventative Maintenance

Are you a commercial fleet manager? Are you looking for an intelligent way to be proactive about maintenance needs and repair – but still save money? Your commercial trucking fleet is in need of the implementation of a preventative maintenance plan. Through plan like this, you can increase commercial fleet productivity and still meet all the needs of your trucks and drivers. Breakdowns will become less frequent. Let’s take a look at how to fill the maintenance needs of your trucking fleet through the implementation of better preventative strategy.

Preventative Maintenance Strategy – What Is It?

When it comes to repair and maintenance needs, there are two approaches that a fleet manager can take:

  • Reactive – When your truck malfunctions or breaks down, you are forced to seek out unanticipated repairs.
  • Proactive – Regardless of whether or not something actually needs to be repaired, stick to a schedule for routine maintenance.

Due to breakdowns that never needed to happen, lost commercial fleet productivity, and related unexpected repair expenses, reactive maintenance is costly. Managers can keep their trucks on the road, plan better for future expenses, and catch the need for repairs before they escalate, with a preventative maintenance plan.

Putting Your Commercial Fleet Preventative Maintenance Plan in Place

Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to create and implement your fleet’s preventative maintenance plan. Commitment is the key to a preventative strategy that works. Every benefit that can be provided by preventative maintenance will be reaped by you and your team if you stick to the schedule you originally devised.

Let’s take a look at commercial fleet truck preventative maintenance strategy implementation by breaking it down into two aspects.

Driver Education

Your drivers will need to be educated so they know that the following is expected of them:

  • Prior to departure, all vehicles must be visually inspected.
  • To help spot repair needs before they become crucial, do another inspection at the final destination.
  • Also do an inspection during the trip, anytime they pull over to rest.

Schedule Creation

Create a maintenance plan that suits the needs of your trucks, your company, and your drivers. Then do the following:

  • Commit to the maintenance schedule.
  • For routine maintenance, have a professional mechanic work on your trucks.

Mickey Genuine Parts For Routine Commercial Fleet Maintenance

By partnering with a reputable, dependable service center, the maintenance needs of your fleet – especially for managers who are trying to be proactive – will be best accomplished in expedited fashion. Time spent off the road will be greatly diminished with regular fleet servicing. Included in this should be a focus on tire pressure and tire depth as a part of your proactive maintenance plan.

When it comes to service provider partnerships and maintenance plans, fleet managers must practice strategy. Fortunately, Mickey Genuine Parts can supply fleet managers with the support they need regarding a preventative maintenance plan.

Mickey stands not only behind everything we sell but behind every service we provide – that includes the work our educated, experienced technicians do at any one of our Mickey Certified Service Stations. They are located throughout the United States for your convenience.

Contact Mickey today to discover why more and more people are entrusting their vehicles to us.

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