How To Update And Safety Proof Your Trailer

The loads that we carry in our trailers, and frequently the trailers themselves, are worth more than just money. Fortunately, there are any number of ways to protect your load and your trailer and improve the hauling experience overall. Let’s take a look at a few tips of the trade when it comes to hauling, trailers, and loads.

D-Rings and Cargo Nets

A cargo net can help keep smaller items from flying around during transport. D-rings can be placed along the top or middle of your trailer wall, spaced every 18 inches, upon which to clip the net or other harnessing straps.

A Carrier for Your Spare Tire

Rather than simply letting your spare tire bounce around in the back of your trailer, install a tire carrier inside or outside of your trailer. Lock the tire in place to prevent theft.

Bins for Vertical Storage

Vertical storage bins can hold bungee cords and ratchet straps. You can make these yourself with a little PVC pipe (6-inch). Mount them on the inside of your trailer to avoid theft of your bungee cords and straps when they are not in use.

Tool Holders Versus Toolboxes

If a toolbox takes up too much room, consider mounting your most used tools on the inner walls of your trailer. This can be done with one and 1/2 inch PVC pipe of varying lengths (for long handled tools), or with you U-bolts, etc.

Build or Purchase Ramps

Ramps, if your trailer is not equipped with them, can be timesavers and back savers.

Install a Winch

Again, this can be a real back saver. Installing a winch at the front of your trailer allows you to pull heavy loads in, rather than push them.

Quick Coupler

A quick coupler allows for the fastest trailer hook up possible.

Tie-Down System

Where on earth do you anchor your tie-down straps? By bolting an E-track system to the floor of your trailer, you can solve that problem easily. Rope anchor fittings or ratchet straps on snap easily now.

Trailer Hitch Light and Adjustable Ball Mount

Installing a light next to your trailer hitch means you won’t have to juggle a flashlight when hooking or unhooking your trailer. Consider a magnetic, LED tap light – no electricity necessary.

A ball mount system that is adjustable will help make sure that the tongue of your trailer is always level with the ground. And they are so easy to use!

Replace Your Old Lights with LED

Old turn signals and brake lights should be replaced with new, state-of-the-art LED lights. They are sealed against road salt, soaking rain, and other harmful elements.

Safety Proofing

Follow these seven tips for safety proofing your trailer:

  • Ball lubrication – failure to lubricate the ball will result in excessive wear of the coupler or the ball and could cause a dangerous disconnect.
  • Careful placement of the load – to prevent fishtailing and sway, the front of the trailer is where 60% of the weight of your load should be.
  • Maintain wheel bearings – when trailers break down, the number two cause is failed wheel bearings. Once a year, repack your bearings.
  • Proper safety chain usage – when you hook up the hitch, always cross the safety chains. There should only be enough slack to allow turning.
  • Bolt/lug nut torque – it is critical that you apply the proper torque when tightening bolts and/or lug nuts. To get it right, use a torque wrench. Check the manufacturer’s nameplate for the ideal, recommended torque.
  • Proper tire inflation – check the tire wall for the correct pressure and inflate your tires accordingly. Trailer tire failure is caused by low tire pressure more than anything. (The second most common cause is overloading.)
  • Tires in general – passenger rated tires are not made for trailers. ST (special trailer) tires are what should be used because they handle heavy loads and have stronger sidewalls.

If your trailer is souped-up and grandly customized, you’ll want to protect it from thieves, as well. Boots (for a wheel) and coupler locks (for the hitch) are as sure fire a way to protect against the theft of your trailer as you can get.

At Mickey Parts, we have numerous trailer parts, safety equipment, and used trailers. Check out our inventory today. Chances are, we have just what you’re looking for.

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