How to Tackle Preventative Truck Maintenance

Preventative truck maintenance is the most effective method of cutting back on breakdowns. When trucks run more reliably less time and money is lost due to malfunction. But saying that you’re going to improve upon the maintenance of your trucks and actually making a plan with which to do so are two different things.

When it comes to the trucking business there are definite tips that can help in the constructing of a preventative maintenance plan. All trucking businesses should pay attention to the following areas of maintenance…

Fifth Wheel Platforms Need Servicing

If you can’t securely hook up your trailer, it’s going to keep you off the road. Grease, adjust, and check your platform as needed to avoid problems. Watch for necessary replacement on worn parts and clean away accumulated dirt.

Check All Exterior Lighting

All it takes is a quick walk around every time you get in your truck – particularly when you’re getting ready to head out on the road. Replace any burned out bulbs before you start your trip. Check hazard lights, signals, brake lights, running lights, etc.

Clutch and Gearbox Inspection

The combination of heavy loads and high torque engines means that, every time you hit the road, your clutch and gearbox work extra hard. To catch problems as they arise, regularly inspect your gearbox. Fuel economy and reliability can be affected by a clutch that slips so keep an eye on it, too.

Electrical System and Battery Checks

Frequent starts and stops, as well as long-distance driving test your truck’s electrical system. Your preventative maintenance plan should include checks on your electrical system, alternator, and battery. This is particularly applicable if you travel in cold weather.

Air Filters

Your engine will run smoother and your fuel consumption will be reduced if you always have a clean air filter. At regular intervals, inspect and change your air filter. More so if you drive in dusty, dirty conditions.

Brake Inspections

You have to stop safely, particularly with a full load. Check your brakes for wear and, when they reach minimum wear condition, replace them. During your check, look for front to back and side to side even wear as this could be a sign of bad braking performance, the need for adjustment, and an unbalanced system.

Tire Checks

Wear on your tires should be checked regularly (it should be even all the way around the tire) as well as always making sure that your tire pressures are appropriate. Uneven wear could point to a balance problem, suspension issues, alignment problems, and more.

Fluid Changes And Level Checks

Fluids should be checked and changed regularly depending on what type of traffic and roads you travel on, the loads you carry, the weight of your vehicle, how many miles you drive, etc. Suggestions for changing fluids can be found in manufacturer’s handbooks or online.

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