How To Maintain Your Fleet In 2019

You have goals. Not only in life, but business goals as well. Achieving service goals and increasing an organization’s sales are of the utmost importance to any business owner. In order to be successful, you must keep your drivers and vehicles productive and safe. Let’s see how fleet managers and owners can keep their fleet in prime money-earning condition. Check out this guide/checklist to maintain your fleet.

Do You Have a Maintenance Provider?

Ideally, the answer to this is, yes. In addition to having a fleet maintenance provider at the ready, it’s nice if a partnership of sorts can be developed with them. In this manner, your maintenance provider will be there whenever you run into issues. Repairs can be expedited, productivity optimized, customer satisfaction improved, and downtime can be minimized with a good maintenance program and maintenance provider relationship.

Regularly Monitor Tire Pressure

As important as this vehicle maintenance aspect is, it is frequently overlooked. Contributing to driver and vehicle safety, tire pressure affects fuel mileage, tire wear, and vehicle handling. As the seasons change, the air in tires can fluctuate. Make sure your drivers understand that maintaining tire pressure, and checking it often, is essential.

Make Your Drivers Aware of Company Policy

When you hire a driver, company policies should be gone over with them as well as being presented to them in a pamphlet/book. Company vehicle use policies and the responsibilities of each driver should be expressly detailed upon hire and regularly reviewed at meetings. A total understanding of the company’s maintenance policies and PM schedules is essential as well as drivers being fully aware of, should their vehicle be in an accident or need repairs, the correct procedure.

Properly Spec Vehicles

Every vehicle faces its own set of demands. Costs can be reduced by vehicles that are properly spec’d. Your budget can be negatively impacted by maintenance issues that result from under spec’ing a vehicle. To properly spec your vehicle, examine the load being carried, operating conditions, usage, etc.

Ownership Costs Deserve Attention

Based on vehicle age, take notice of when vehicle maintenance costs begin to rise. Gain a good understanding of the following for a cost-effective fleet:

  • Residual value of assets.
  • Used vehicle market trends.
  • Optimal time in which to sell the vehicle.
  • How is the total cost of ownership impacted by the manufacturer’s warranty coverage?

 Preventative Maintenance Is a Cost Saver

Downtime and unscheduled repairs can be reduced when vehicles are maintained properly. What falls under the heading of preventative maintenance?

  • General vehicle safety checks.
  • Tire inspection/rotation.
  • Oil changes, and more.

Whether you’re using an oil life monitor or, at a set mileage, execute oil changes, on a regular basis, overall vehicle inspections and tire rotations should be completed.

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