How To Keep Your Food Trucks In Great Shape

Whether you enjoy hitting the festivals and other local events, or you have found a lucrative spot where businesspeople frequent for lunch, owning one or more food trucks can be a good business idea. Owning food trucks, however, is very different from driving and maintaining your basic, everyday truck, van, or trailer. It takes a hardworking person to run this business and a specialized maintenance routine.

Here, we are going to take a look at the best way to take care of your food truck. Let’s start off with a simple definition.

What are Food Trucks?

Not to be confused with a party trailer, a food truck is a motorized truck, van, or another vehicle that is equipped to prepare and sell food and beverages. However, a party trailer may also be converted into a food trailer to serve a similar purpose like that of a food truck.

Many of the processes that can be done in a brick-and-mortar kitchen can also be done in a well-equipped food truck. Regional fast foods such as French fries, hamburgers, and sandwiches are common fair for food trucks. However, with tastes changing among consumers, specialty food trucks are now seen everywhere on a frequent basis.

Food Truck Failure

What is the most common failure of food truck businesses? A lack of promotion is a huge factor that contributes toward the failure of food truck businesses. Many customers are attracted to the food truck industry through social media today. It can indeed be challenging to make sufficient money to support your business if your location is not consistently packed with customers.

Food Truck Maintenance – Helpful Hints

When it comes to the maintenance and mechanics of your food truck, here are just some care tips:

  • Fluids – Check them often! When it comes to your truck’s fluids, make sure that you check its power steering fluid, transmission fluid, water, anti-freeze, oil, and more. Additionally, change your fluids in a timely manner. Schedules for this can usually be found in your operator’s manual.
  • Battery testing – Before it fails and cause you to face a number of issues, check your truck battery on a regular basis. Watch for telltale signs that show the need for a replacement is nearing. When you purchase a new battery, buy a product that is high-quality and reliable.
  • Tires – Regularly inspect not only the wear and tear on your tires but the pressure as well. Uneven wear may cause a problem that is either just getting started or already in effect. Not only is the right tire pressure best for safety, it helps with fuel efficiency too.

Need Food Truck Fleet Maintenance? Count on Mickey!

Throughout the United States, Mickey Genuine Parts has conveniently located several certified full-service centers. Only the best technicians get employed by Mickey. Whether your fleet consists of one food truck, a couple of them, or a handful, entrust your fleet maintenance to our experienced experts. Not everyone has the capability to keep a full-time maintenance specialist on staff like Mickey can. You can trust Mickey for preventative maintenance programs, emergency repairs, the installation of accessories, and more.

If you do have the luxury of a full-time maintenance team and garage, let them know that if we receive their orders for parts, system, accessory, or components by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, we can begin shipping out the very same day. Out of stock parts will be expedited on a timely basis. Contact us to find out what Mickey can do for you, today.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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