Commercial Van Maintenance Tips To Know

Commercial vans need just as much care as any other vehicle on the road today. There are tires, doors, lights, and a multitude of other van parts that come into play. Some parts last longer than others. But every van should be subjected to a number of regularly scheduled maintenance procedures. That’s the only way to head off breakdowns before they happen.

We Love Our Commercial Vans

Whether you are an electrician, plumber, or a builder, or even something else, you likely think pretty highly of your van. It gets you where you need to go, helps you make money, carries your tools; why it’s more like a friend or family member than a simple automobile. So how do you show a little love to your four-wheeled friend or family member? By letting needed maintenance go until it’s too late? No. That is not the correct way to show your van how much it means to you.

You have to take care of your van so that it will take care of you. Here’s a few tips on how to do that and what areas to concentrate on.

How Secure Is Your Van?

Is your van alarmed? Your cargo will be safer, your tools will be safer, and you will be safer in a van that has security measures installed (i.e., locks, cameras, a safe, alarms, tracking systems, etc.).

Do All Your Van’s Lights Work?

Broken lights are against the law for a reason. They are unsafe. By making sure that every bulb and cover is functional and in place, you can avoid penalty points and fines. If you frequently work in a dusty or dirty area, make sure the lenses are clean.

How’s That Van Looking?

You might not think that the appearance of your van is a big deal, but if it’s where you do business from, it matters. Not to mention, a well-maintained van on the outside stands a better chance of keeping everything inside clean, secure, and dry.

Don’t Wait for the Check Engine Light to Check the Engine

You don’t have to be a mechanic to check your air filter, power steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield wash level, coolant level, and oil. Keeping up with engine checks and maintenance will help assure that the engine starts when you need it to.

When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Tires?

Even more often than on a car, you must check the pressure in your van’s tires. Truth told, you’ll check the tires in the rear even more often! Why? The tires get more wear-and-tear back there because, typically, that’s where the cargo load’s extra weight ends up.

As a rule, about every two weeks, check the air pressure in your tires.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we know how important van maintenance is. That’s why we have placed any number of certified Mickey service centers throughout the United States. Click here to locate the service center closest to you. And if you do your own maintenance, Mickey can ship most parts the next day, if we receive your order by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time. If a part is not in stock, we will do our best to expedite it to you – often within several days.

Contact us at Mickey Genuine Parts today to see how we can be of assistance to you.

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