Four Things To Consider When Switching To An EV Fleet

Today, electric vehicles (EV) have become a reality instead of a distant possibility. You may be considering switching to an EV fleet for numerous reasons or at the very least, making use of a combination. However, there are several considerations to keep in mind before making the switch in ensuring that this decision is in your business’s best interests.

Is It Suitable for Your Purposes?

Just because everything looks fine on paper does not mean it will translate into reality. Will EVs meet the day-to-day operational needs of your business? For instance, how much mileage do you require and will EVs be able to meet that? Will the charge times affect driver productivity? These are all questions to consider before taking the leap in ensuring that EVs are suitable for the needs of your business.

Are Drivers Well-Equipped for The Change?

Before making the switch, you will have to ensure that all drivers are educated on how to charge and operate EVs. Do they know how to charge an EV, and will there be any changes to the way they plan their journey? You will also want to consider the need for ongoing training as new developments in EVs come about over time.

Can EVs Cope with The Cargo Weight and Range of Your Operations?

Of course, the amount of work your battery needs to put in is dependent on cargo weight and range, which go hand in hand. Naturally, a heavier load will require more energy to tow. If your cargo doesn’t have far to go, however, making the switch to EVs can be a cost-effective way of towing heavy materials over a short distance.

How Will the Change Be Implemented?

While the infrastructure for EVs is improving day by day, you will have to work with what’s available at the moment. Some factors to consider include:

  • Where will the driver keep the vehicle, and where are the nearest charging points? Is there a public charger nearby or can they get one installed at home?
  • How will drivers charge while they are on the road?
  • Will drivers have to wait until they have finished the job to charge, or can they charge while on the job?

Come to Mickey Fleet Services for All Your EV Needs

If you are looking to make the switch to an EV fleet, you have come to the right place at Mickey Fleet Services. From fleet painting to decal installation, we have the necessary experience and expertise to assist you with the entire process from start to finish. You are welcome to drop by one of our Mickey-owned service centers today, where you can meet our knowledgeable team members and get the servicing you require. We are national leaders in the trucking industry and have been for over the past hundred years, so you can entrust your trucking fleet needs to us with full confidence.

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