Finding The Right Liftgate For Your Truck

You will need a liftgate for your truck to carry heavy cargo. It will make your deliveries or processes much smoother. However, this can only happen if you know the right lift gate to select. It will be undesirable to end up with a liftgate too weak for your heavy load or one that functions at an inappropriate height. Here are five tips to select a suitable liftgate.

Choosing an Appropriate Liftgate Height

You have to consider the two essential points relating to the height of your cargo bed.

First is “laden” which means the lowest point a bed height can reach during a full load. During maximum capacity, the rear suspension will reach its maximum depression. This reduces a few inches of the height of the bed.

Next is “unladen”, which means the total height measurement for an empty cargo bed. In this state, the whole truck is at the furthest point above the ground.

Consider these two points when you choose your liftgate as it will ensure that your loading and unloading is easier.

Weight of Load

Definitely the weight of the cargo has to be taken into account. Loads can be grouped as light, medium or heavy. Each group requires its own weight specifications and platform size. You do not want to purchase a liftgate which cannot withstand heavy loads or purchase a liftgate which is too heavy to be placed on your truck. Hence, the main purpose of using your truck should be the priority for your choice.

Material for Platform

There are usually two kinds of material for the platform. It is either aluminum or steel. Aluminum is more protective against corrosion and can perform heavier lifting. It is, however, more expensive as it is sturdier.

On the other hand, steel material platforms are more cost friendly. Take note that wear and tear may cause it to corrode more easily. You may have to purchase another liftgate more frequently than choosing an aluminum one. There may even be other materials offered as technology is always advancing. Take your time to explore the different materials used to make a liftgate.

Energy Source

Your liftgate may get its energy from either the batteries in the truck or another separate battery supply. If you use truck batteries, it will be better for simple operations where you have short periods of loading and unloading time.

If your business requires several frequent loadings, you can choose to have a separate battery. It is power saving and has a greater energy capacity.

Size of Truck

You need to check the size of your truck and note down the dimensions. This is to ensure that you choose the correct liftgate size.

Do note that liftgates are also created for trailers and vans. It will not be a match for the truck as liftgate for a trailer usually has a hitch on its gate, whereas liftgate for a van will be smaller than those for trucks. Do make use of these tips to select the right liftgate for yourself. Whether it is for business or personal reasons, the liftgate you choose will aid in your working process. Do consult a professional should you be contemplating other concerns.

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