Essential Qualities Propane Suppliers Should Have

Propane suppliers run a highly volatile business. Perhaps not the business of selling propane itself, but the fact that propane is a highly volatile substance. When packaged and stored correctly, of course, it is very safe and a highly desirable product. But damaged containers and haphazard handling can be the beginning of the end for a transporter and, eventually, the supplier. Even customers could be at risk when damaged containers are used in which to hold propane. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at some important qualities which should be possessed by suppliers of propane products.

Transports of Propane Suppliers

Before we get to essential qualities needed by propane suppliers, let’s get the obvious one out of the way – propane suppliers must have, for the sake of safety and professionalism, a reliable transport. Without this, the qualities listed below matter very little. Now let’s get down to business.

Speaking of Safety…

Service and safety are important to consumers and should be priority concerns of any propane supplier. A good reputation goes a long way in this industry. The Better Business Bureau website can be useful when consumers (and others) wish to check out the safety record of a supplier. Also found on this website will be complaints about the company and how the supplier handled those complaints.

Hours of Service

Consumers will likely wish to speak to a real person when they have a problem with their propane. They don’t want a voicemail, they don’t want to leave a message; they want a live person. That means service hours that coincide with peak usage hours (and possibly longer). Emergency visits may be required as well.

Delivery hours figure into this category, too.


As already mentioned, the handling of flammable materials can be dangerous. For that very reason, knowledge, safety, and tact are required for handlers. Without these essential qualities, accidents happen. Proper insurance should be held and maintained by a reputable propane supplier. In addition to general insurance, equipment coverage, general liability, and workers compensation should be carried.

Registration and Certification

An array of laws and regulations must be followed by propane suppliers. It is an industry requirement. Procedures and safety protocols must be followed as well. These requirements need to be taken seriously by every propane supplier. Additionally, they should be nationally certified. That includes drivers, technicians, and any other employee who works with propane.

Propane suppliers must also register with the State Department.

Reviews of Propane Suppliers

In this day and age of free Internet information, reviews are frequently checked by prospective consumers. Bad reviews online could lead to business headaches, even for reputable suppliers. A good propane supplier will watch their reviews and take care of problems that arise in an expedited manner!


Customers care about what they are paying for a product or service. They will compare prices among several propane suppliers to find out who has short-term charges, long-term charges, and the best pricing plans.

Also included in this category are the following:

  • Installation fee
  • Charge for early termination
  • Minimum monthly purchase requirement
  • Recurring charges and fees

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