Effective Restoration Fleet Maintenance Helps Eliminate Severe Downtime

If there’s one thing that trucking company owners know for sure – for that matter, any company that uses trucks or vans – it’s that downtime results in lost dollars. If your truck isn’t running, operating, and/or hauling, you’re losing money.

In constant demand are restoration fleets’ services, commercial cleaning vehicles, and the like. A crucial aspect where all are concerned is vehicle uptime. To better serve their customers and avoid downtime, and to create efficient repair workflow, many of today’s fleet managers are relying on restoration fleet maintenance software solutions.

Cloud-based management software allows you to digitize your restoration fleet’s data. This helps to monitor expenses, automate workflows, and avoid that pesky downtime. Via a mobile app, real-time updates can be received from drivers. This way, you can maximize visibility by leveraging a centralized system for better asset health.

Track TCO and Expenses For Maintenance

For restoration fleets, one of the largest ongoing expenses is maintenance. Closely monitoring TCO (total cost of ownership) and maintenance expenses is crucial to maximizing ROI (return on investment) and controlling your bottom line. If you’re still using spreadsheets and paper, it can be nearly impossible to do this kind of tracking. Real-time TCO calculations and expense data can be automatically provided by today’s fleet management software.

Analyze and Monitor Vehicle Performance

Deeper insight into the performance of your vehicle is offered by cloud-based software. By managing data, you are provided maximum restoration fleet visibility. To get a clear picture of how your fleet is operating and its efficiency, having so much data at your fingertips provides you the opportunity to closely look at vehicle metrics such as repair turnover, fuel performance, and general utilization.

Maintenance Work Orders Can Be Streamlined

Where is much of the time spent for fleet managers? Answer: tracking progress and scheduling maintenance. It’s time consuming and frequently difficult. To track your service progress, and communicate maintenance needs more easily with your team, work orders can be created by managers via a mobile app or software. To avoid miscommunication and other issues, this allows you to track expenses and repairs, and save time.

So technicians can start quickly servicing your vehicles, you can clearly communicate the need for repair – whether you contract maintenance to third parties or manage it in-house – with today’s high-tech software.

Preventative Maintenance Schedules Can Be Standardized

To improve your program for preventative maintenance, service reminders are automated by fleet management software. These reminders are automatically sent based on usage updates or odometer updates from present OEM recommendations, inspection results, or telematics devices. Therefore, around the needs of your teams’ vehicles, repairs can be scheduled in time and on time, thanks to these automated reminders.

The Results of Electronic Vehicle Inspection Can Be Leveraged

Simple, thorough inspections can be executed by your drivers, and the results uploaded instantly, with a mobile fleet management app to streamline maintenance and inspections. So they can begin scheduling maintenance tasks, fleet managers are notified immediately of any inspection failures.

Allowing you to tailor forms, electronic vehicle inspections are configurable. This applies to items such as:

  • Fuel tanks
  • Engine oil
  • Brakes
  • Coupling devices
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Sanitation fluids
  • Shelving
  • Vacuums
  • Hoses, and more

Count on Mickey Genuine Parts

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