Don’t Become A Victim Of Trucking Theft

If packages aren’t even safe on your own front porch anymore, you have to know that trucking theft in general is also on the rise. Doing our best to prevent trucking theft, Mickey Genuine Parts offers a wide array of locking equipment involved in the protection of vehicles, trailers, products, and more.

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is a problem for anyone in the trucking/transport industry. Unfortunately, certain states have been reported as high-risk areas when it comes to cargo theft. These states are as follows: Illinois, Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and California.

Any time a trucker stops to load, unload, rest, or fuel up, they are at risk of having their cargo stolen. In some cases, the truckers themselves may be at risk if they are not securely locked up.

Not only is this an inconvenience, and dangerous, but it can have severe implications on both trucking and product companies. In addition to locking up your cargo and yourself, experts recommend that, before stopping, you try to travel at least 250 miles. In most cases, thieves will not travel a long distance just to follow their proposed “mark”. But, that’s not always possible, is it? That’s why it’s important to use high-quality locking mechanisms and always practice safe and secure locking procedures.

Let’s take a look at what Mickey has to offer in the way of beverage trailer locks. (Remember that our stock changes. Before ordering a part, check on the availability. Orders received by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time will be shipped the same day, provided they are in stock.)


For those not familiar, an E-lock, or an electric lock, locks and unlocks by the use of an electrical current. Both unlocking and locking can be controlled and monitored remotely.

When an E-lock goes bad, you can’t replace it soon enough. And for every minute that your truck and trailer are down, you are losing money. For this very reason, a wide array of stock parts, including E-locks and their components, are available through Mickey Genuine Parts. Here’s what’s currently in stock:

  • Mickey E-Lock Controller
  • E-Lock Actuator

Locking Handles

Whether it’s the handle on your cab or the handle on your trailer, locking capabilities are exceedingly important. How else are you going to keep what’s inside safe? Mickey Genuine Parts carries driver side locking handles and passenger side locking handles for your cab. We also carry locking handles for trailers, padlock handles, key lock handles, and more. Don’t risk the theft of your product or personal belongings – lock it up!

Various Components

Various components are involved in the locking systems of trucks and trailers. Mickey has what you need from lock cylinders with keys to locking mechanisms to roadside locking rods and more. Remember, even when your trailer is empty, it’s a good idea to lock it up.

Mickey Genuine Parts carries numerous beverage trailer locks and equipment. We also have a number of certified service centers located throughout the United States for your convenience. Whether you install your own parts or rely on Mickey’s knowledgeable service people to install your parts and accessories, you will always find a large selection at Mickey. Experience the Mickey difference today by contacting us or take a minute to read up on the background and reputation of Mickey Genuine Parts.

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