Do You Have the Right Trucks and Trailers to Start a Moving Business?

If you’re thinking of starting a moving business, you’ll be pleased to know that you can gain smooth access to the industry. However, the challenging bit comes when you need to maintain your relevance in such a high-competition sector.

What better way to stay ahead of the pack than to invest in the right trucks and trailers? When drawing up your budget, high-quality trucks and trailers should be at the very top. These vehicles are crucial for building your moving business by providing well-grounded services to your potential customers. Read on to explore the different types of trucks and trailers you need for your moving business.

Types of Moving Trucks

10-foot truck – This type of truck is perfect for moving items from small apartments and large studios. It comes equipped with the necessary amenities to ensure easy loading. One of the best features of a 10-foot truck is its ability to consume an economic level of gas on each trip.

Pickup – It is perfect for transporting small-scale cargo. It is possible to temporarily move a couple of select items such as wood or gardening supplies for your renovation project. You can even rent it at a fee to a customer who needs the moving done themselves.

14-foot truck – Unlike the 10-foot truck, this kind of truck is suitable for transporting items from bigger spaces such as a two-bedroom apartment. It also comes complete with a low deck for quick loading and unloading of cargo.

Types of Moving Trailers

Flatbed trailers – From lumber to steel coils, flatbed trailers are popular for their versatility and can be used to move almost anything. They are open on all sides and do not have a compartment that encloses the consignment.

Enclosed trailers – As the name suggests, these types of trailers are designed with containers that cover the shipment. It is relatively similar to a flatbed trailer and can be used in the transportation of everything, including band equipment, tools, etc.

 Refrigerated trailers – Sometimes, you may need to transport perishable items that need to be kept in cool temperatures in transit. Such items include pharmaceuticals, ice creams, frozen foods, etc. Refrigerated trailers (reefers) are adequately insulated and feature a cooling system that maintains a steady temperature.

Purchase Your Trucks and Trailers from Licensed Dealers

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