Common Roadside Trailer Repair Mistakes To Avoid

Few things in life are more aggravating than having an unexpected vehicle or trailer malfunction destroy your entire day. Issues like this can severely impact your bottom line, whether they are small or large. And no matter when they happen, repairs like this seem to always blindside you. But by avoiding some common mistakes made during roadside maintenance, you can head off the feeling of panic.

When Repairs Need to Happen On the Road

Everything breaks down sooner or later. You can’t avoid it. So, you might as well be prepared with these tips, when you break down:

  • Move over – get over to the shoulder, as far as you can, out of traffic. No emergency lane? Get as far over as possible in the right lane.
  • Make yourself visible – your trailer should be well equipped with visibility equipment (i.e., hazard flashers, road flares, reflectors). There is no excuse to travel without these. They make you visible to not only other drivers but to the responding technician, as well.
  • Check your vehicle – if you can, figure out what the problem is so that when the technician comes, you can fill them in.

Be a Font of Information

When describing the problem to your breakdown service, be clear and concise. Details should include the following:

  • Exactly what the problem is that you’re experiencing
  • Any vehicle/trailer problems that you may have noticed before the breakdown
  • Your precise location

Most drivers are exceptionally aware of and familiar with their vehicle and can likely give the responding technician an idea of what’s going on. The time that the technician will take to diagnose the cause of your breakdown can be lessened if they know what to look for ahead of time. You might even be able to get an estimate so that you can start planning the rest of your trip.

Keep Track of Details

This can apply to a single vehicle or to an entire fleet. Every time something needs service, keep track of it. You may begin to take note of recurring issues (or a pattern) with your trailer or vehicle. Recurring problems can be a result of specific part wear and tear, the way your vehicle is used, your runs, etc.

Don’t Forgo Quality for a Lower Price

This applies to many things in life, but it can have a truly detrimental effect on maintenance costs and downtime. Saving money is great, but not if it costs you more in the long run. Buying cheaper when you can is just fine, but be sure to spend money where you need to by purchasing quality trailers, parts, etc.

Have a Service at the Ready

While no one wants to think about having a breakdown, not planning ahead is a huge mistake. You should have a breakdown service or technician at the ready, just in case you do break down. Having a relationship with someone ahead of time is better than calling in a stranger from you don’t know what to expect.

Don’t Break Down in the First Place!

Ignoring regular maintenance is an unforgivable mistake. Granted, some breakdowns simply can’t be prevented. But regular, scheduled maintenance can help you head off many catastrophes before they occur. Find a reliable vehicle service center or mechanic.

All of that said, one of the best ways to avoid trailer repair mistakes is to buy a reliable, high quality product that will be less likely to need repair. An exceptionally reliable place to buy dependable trailers, parts, and accessories is through Mickey Genuine Parts. And if your trailer does end up needing repair, who better to execute those repairs than one of Mickey’s certified service centers. We have numerous locations throughout the United States. Contact us at Mickey Genuine Parts today to discuss repairs, trailers, or any of our other products.

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