Choosing The Right Plumbing Van Bodies For Your Company

Before purchasing plumbing van bodies for your plumbing fleet, there are a number of factors to consider. Fortunately, the manner in which to upfit (customize) these vans – and the supplies with which to do it – are not only extremely available but the upfitting process itself is too. For all your upfitting needs, you can count on Mickey Genuine Parts.

In addition to the right equipment for customization, various models of plumbing vans offer differing styles by a number of manufacturers. All of this said, however, you should still keep in mind one very important factor: No matter how familiar you think you are with quality equipment and manufacturers, the van body you choose must precisely fit each and every one of your needs – or as closely as possible.

To assist you in choosing the perfect plumbing van body, here are some things to look for:

Cargo Access – You’ll Need It!

When finding the right plumbing van body, one crucial factor is cargo access. Through different means, cargo and toolboxes will be accessed after being loaded, depending on your chosen body style. Sure, pipes and other types of materials can be easily handled by open-concept utility pickups. For some plumbing accessories, they even have lockboxes. But it’s a must for plumbers today to have the space needed for other materials if you’re going to run a plumbing service. With just a small truck, it may be unimaginable to try to run a profitable commercial plumbing service.

What if you need to carry a number of employees or need space for a water heater? A dry van body is your best bet. It’s not enough just to be able to fit things in your mode of transportation. You must be able to access everything!

Plumbing Service Truck GVW

The GVW (gross vehicle weight) is another important consideration. This is a description of the weight contained within a precise mode of transportation. Including the passengers inside your plumbing service truck, it applies to the maximum amount of weight. Also keep in mind that, out in the field, your business is going to need and make good use of tools and accessories. They can weigh a lot – hundreds of pounds in fact. (In addition to tools, water pipes, water heaters, etc., are all part of the plumbing industry.)

When larger materials come into play, the vehicle must be able to carry big loads and have them accessible.

Body Style and Application

Here is one of your most crucial considerations: The purpose the van is being used for. To choose the right body style and application, the precise plumbing business in question needs to be determined. Do you want to keep your tools and have a work area in an enclosed space? That calls for a van. If, on the other hand, you think that an open bed utility truck suits your needs, you may be right… But consider the above situations to be sure.

To complete a job, what kind of supplies are you going to need to bring with you? Bigger vehicles can be used for hauling machines and plumbing tools. Smaller trucks or vans might be used to provide simple plumbing solutions and service.

Mickey Genuine Parts For Your Van’s Customization

Since 1904, Mickey Genuine Parts has been family operated and owned. Countrywide, we have five full-service facilities located for your convenience, and a main manufacturing complex in High Point North Carolina. For transportation modes such as plumbing van bodies, we are the undeniable leader in supplying parts and so much more.

We can customize your van body to suit the needs of your plumbing service, provide the parts you need if you do your own maintenance, and occasionally have used van bodies that may suit your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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