Did You Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

At the beginning of September, a week-long celebration of trucking kicked off. The American Trucking Association announced the start of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It celebrated the industry’s professional truck drivers numbering no less than 3.5 million. For those men and women who deliver the goods for America, the week of commemoration promoted safety practices, hard work, America’s roads, and the many additional faces of the industry. Clothing, building supplies, food, medicine, and more are delivered safely every day thanks to the committed drivers and company owners in the world of trucking.

Just recently, in the wake of hurricane Irma and Harvey, many truckers have personally responded to the critical need for disaster relief. They offered their time, driving services, trucks, supplies, donations, and more. Frequently, truckers end up going where other transportation modes either refuse to go or are unable to reach. In the United States alone, somewhere in excess of 70% of all freight tonnage is delivered safely by the men and women in trucking.

So it’s no wonder that, at the very least, one week be dedicated to showing our appreciation for those who selflessly transport all sorts of goods to and from their destinations. Of course, the TCA promotes numerous events, meetings, and more throughout the year, as well.

Various Events Were Hosted in Honor of Truckers

Multiple motor carriers, industry suppliers, and state trucking associations hosted appreciation events during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Share the Road and America’s Road Team Captain’s truck drivers went live, over the airwaves, during a satellite broadcast. The TCW Inc. terminal in Nashville is where these broadcasts originated. Even the president of TWC Inc. and ATA first vice chairman got into the act. He spoke with people in the truck driving profession during morning broadcasts. They talked about topics like the nation’s economy and the vital role played by today’s drivers.

Just to shake things up a bit this year, a new toolkit and logo were revealed for the 2017 celebration. Additionally, an online store was set to open in time for the festivities. The store features products dealing with the celebration of professional drivers. Sale items included reflective safety hats, T-shirts, duffel bags, and more. Savvy participants ordered their items ahead of time so that they had them in time for the celebration.

Also new this year was the approach to the Driver Health Fair. This time around, TCA Wellness CDL coaches partnered with TCA to give the health fairs a make-over. Thanks to members of TCA’s Health and Wellness Task Force and state trucking associations for making these health fair events possible.

The Year’s Best Driver

Driver Of The Year contests honored the best owner-operators and drivers at the convention. The champions boasted their efforts to protect the environment, serve their communities, the ability to enhance the trucking image, and exceptional safe driving records.

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