Capitalize On Commercial Van Uplifting Practices

First things first… What is meant by commercial van uplifting? If you customize the cargo area of your commercial vehicle (possibly to better utilize it for the handling/storage of the stock or tools of your trade) that is referred to in the industry as uplifting. Before you embark on a process such as this, make sure that you understand which configuration will best suit your needs. That way, you can save some money in the process.

Now let’s take a look at some of the practices being used in today’s uplifting of commercial vans and how to capitalize on them.

Mobile Power Is Increasing in Popularity

Van interiors that offer a mobile workplace that is more productive have become a developing trend regarding van interiors. In order to operate electric tools, charge mobile devices, and run laptops, power ports are no longer a luxury, but a requirement. Airpower in vans is another demand that is growing for vehicles that use impact guns and other high-powered air tools.

How to capitalize on this: Help your customers figure out how to maximize the system’s impact on cargo capacity and weight. Additionally, expand your expertise and product offerings to account for the need for global power in your customer’s vehicle in terms of airpower and electrification.

Ergonomic Upfits Are in High Demand

More and more fleet managers are requesting, in order to protect the bottom line of the organization and the health of their technicians, upfits involving improved ergonomics.

How to capitalize on this: How is the vehicle in question used out in the field? Study this to discover new designing upfits that will assist in improving ergonomics and workflow. Additionally, fill your customers in options that are more ergonomic rather than upfits that are standard, i.e., grab handles, contoured bulkheads, drop down ladder racks, etc.

Upfits with Decreased Weight

Today’s new vans are taller, bigger, and offer more area for cargo. That means that you can put a lot more in them. But as you increase cargo, you increase weight as well. It’s easy to overload the vehicle. Therefore, to increase legal payload capacity, trends are shifting toward the use of lighter weight materials incorporating composite materials and aluminum, among others.

How to capitalize on this: Assist your customers in an assessment of “lightweighting’s” cost-benefits. Additionally, when the customer’s application allows, offer lighter-weight upfit options.

Customize the Van to Fit the Job

The days of one size van fits all are a thing of the past. With more choices come more selections for effectively tailored vehicles. This will lower cost and increase efficiencies.

How to capitalize on this: Figure out, in order to boost productivity and efficiency, what types of new up fit designs can be created. Offer adjustable or modular systems for cargo management so that the upfit can be personalized to the technician, workflows in the field, and their unique needs. Additionally, in order to fit every available model, expand your offerings of upfits.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry all sorts of items for the customization of vans, trucks, and trailers. If you’re able to do the uplifting work yourself, or if your company’s technicians will be doing the work, order your parts through Mickey. If you would like someone else to do the work, we have certified service centers located throughout the United States. Contact us at Mickey today for your customization parts.

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