Buying A Used Dry Bulk Trailer?

Who among us wouldn’t like to own a brand-new, shiny, never been hauled dry bulk trailer? Unfortunately, that’s not always in the budget. That’s when purchasing a used dry bulk trailer can come in handy. Purchasing a used trailer is pretty much like purchasing a new one, with the exception of having to keep a special eye out for parts that may be worn or that have been incorrectly replaced.

Routinely, there are certain things to watch for when purchasing a dry bulk trailer. Let’s take a look at some areas of concern that may need special attention as well as general things to watch for and consider.

Dry Bulk Transportation

One would assume that if you are purchasing a used dry bulk trailer, you know something about the dry bulk transportation industry. But, as you may be well aware, bad things can happen when people assume. With that in mind, let’s take a real quick look at dry bulk transportation.

The transportation process of dry materials is known as dry bulk transportation. Easy, right? Frequently these products are transported in massive quantities. That gets a little harder. Dry bulk transportation can involve something as easy to move as sand or dirt. But it can also involve more complicated loads such as powders or plastics. Depending upon the load, complications can arise. Just one complication is the cleaning of the tank in which the dry bulk product is transported.

Complicated, involved, and certified cleaning processes are required for tanks that transport powders and plastics. Not so much, however, for the transportation of sand, dirt, and other simple materials.

What you’re going to be moving will have a huge impact on your trailer choice.

How Clean Is That Trailer?

The maintenance of a dry bulk trailer is of the utmost importance. As previously mentioned, the cleaning process involved after hauling certain loads is an important factor in the maintenance of a dry bulk trailer. If you’re going to purchase a used trailer, you want to make sure that it is as clean as possible. And that’s not just the trailer itself, but includes all the parts involved, as well.

Free and Easy Operation

Any moving parts should move freely and easily. Hinges should be secure, seals and gaskets should be in good condition and leakproof, latches should be tight, valves lubricated and clean, pumps in working order, etc.

Check for Corrosion

Corrosion can be a sign that proper cleaning was not done on a regular basis or that the elements have had their way with the trailer and its parts. Always look for corrosion or rusting.

Parts Are Parts – Right?

No. That is absolutely wrong. If anyone has customized or replaced parts on the trailer, make absolutely sure that the parts belong there! With Mickey trailers, that’s easy. You use Mickey parts. But, when purchasing a used trailer from anyone other than Mickey, make sure that any parts that were replaced or used as accessories actually belong to the trailer and are compatible with it.

We have a wide selection of used trailers at Mickey Genuine Parts. Because our inventory is constantly changing, it’s wise to make sure that a trailer is in stock before getting your heart set on it and making future plans for that trailer. Contact one of the knowledgeable representatives at Mickey if you have questions, would like to check on the availability of a trailer, or would simply like to hear more about the Mickey experience. And don’t forget, when it comes to servicing, we have multiple Mickey certified service centers located throughout the United States.

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