Become A Self-Employed Courier Using Your Own Van

Chances are you spend a lot of your time driving around, running errands in your car, van, or truck. How awesome would it be if, while you’re out and about anyhow, you got paid for doing all that running around. Delivering things for other people and running some of their errands could be your newest and greatest source of income. Launching a courier service business, whether you decide to do it full-time or part-time, could be the answer to any employment dilemma or money problems you may have been having.

What Is a Courier Service Business?

A business of this type is responsible for transporting medical supplies, packages, documents, and more to homes and businesses throughout a specific area. Preferably – your area. It keeps you close to home and there is reportedly good money to be made here. Compare it to UPS or FedEx, but more effective and faster because there is a shorter distance to be covered. Additionally, you’ll have a lower overhead than FedEx or UPS, allowing for more profit.

Here is an example: Let’s say there is a specific legal document that a lawyer needs signed and transported. Who could that lawyer call? They would call a courier service. Another example would be a florist that needs to get flowers to a particular person, but only has a couple of hours in which to do it. If they don’t have a driver that does in-house deliveries, they’re going to need a courier service. Any number of businesses today use courier services. And if they use you once, chances are, they will use you again. And again. This how you, as a self-employed courier, build up a customer base.

In addition to lawyers and flower shops, other businesses that might use couriers could be doctors, construction companies, caterers, banks, bookkeepers, accountants, and even other couriers.

Things You Will Need

It’s pretty obvious that one of the first things you’ll need in order to get started as a self-employed courier is a vehicle. Though any size vehicle can be used, vans and small trucks are preferable for many in the business. Just in case you get a larger load, you’ll be able to handle it. Also consider tie-down equipment so that your parcels will not be tossed around or fall and break. If you’re going to carry a lot of items, shelving will be a must. And the vehicle, though it might be frugal to buy a good used van, needs to be dependable and in great condition. Good gas mileage is another consideration.

Though most everyone these days is likely to already have it, a cell phone is another must-have. You have to be able to keep in touch with your customers at all times. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – you can stick to the basics.

Finally, you have to make sure that you’re insured. Most states require car insurance already, but you will likely need more. You need to be insured, your van needs to be insured, you should have insurance that covers anyone else involved in an accident with you, and you need to cover your parcels (in case they become lost or damaged).

Mickey Genuine Parts not only has used vans but shelving, tie-downs, and all the other equipment you might need to start your own courier business. Call Mickey today to see how we can help you launch your new courier service by providing you with new or used parts.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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