Are You Taking Good Care Of Your Commercial Fleet Trucks?

To preserve the safety of your commercial fleet trucks, optimize their performance, and keep things generally running smoothly, all of your trucks require regular maintenance procedures. Your drivers must be trained as to how to take care of their trucks and, of course, your maintenance crew needs to be knowledgeable and use best practices when it comes to truck maintenance.

You probably already know that to ensure the performance of your commercial trucks where important projects and jobsites are concerned, not just upkeep, but “special” maintenance is needed. The following should help distinguish the best way of caring for your fleet.

Wash Your Cares Away

Okay, you may not be able to wash all your cares away, but at least you can wash away the grease, grime, salt (if applicable), and gunk that threatens the integrity of your fleet. Not only will it help to keep those pretty paint jobs in good condition, it’s far more aesthetically pleasing to look at a shiny, clean truck than a dirty, grimy one. It speaks well of your company when you have clean trucks on the road.

All That Is Between You and the Pavement

We are, of course, referring to your tires. Very generally speaking, you might get about 50,000 miles on your tires before the tread starts to show signs of excessive wear. Keep in mind, however, that they should be replaced if adverse road conditions and weather wear them out sooner. Dig in your pocket for some change and use an ordinary quarter to check the tread on your tires. You’re due for new tires if you can see the entire top of Washington’s head. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Filter out Your Problems

The biggest problem that you can filter out with your air filter is the dirt in the atmosphere. It can adversely affect your engine. The number of miles you drive annually, and the quality of the atmosphere, have everything to do with how long an air filter will last. Changing your air filter every 5,000 miles is a pretty average recommendation, according to manufacturers. But to keep your engine running smoothly, as part of your routine, consider checking your air filter every month.

How’s That Oil?

Approximately every 3,000 miles, or every three months (whichever comes first), it’s recommended that you change your oil. Granted, you can go longer between changes with some of the newer synthetic blends being used in engines today. The oil requirements for your trucks should be specified by their owner’s manual. No matter how minute you feel any detail may be, make sure to review all recommendations to make sure you’re getting the most out of each and every truck.

Mickey Genuine Parts carries air filters and everything else you need to keep your fleet running smoothly. We also have experienced, knowledgeable technicians staffing our Mickey certified service centers throughout the nation. You can’t go wrong with Mickey, whether just buying parts or depending on us for fleet maintenance. Call Mickey today if you have questions, would like to order parts, or would like to schedule an appointment.

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