Are You Planning To Start A Van Rental Business?

Are you considering a van rental business venture? That would mean for an agreed sum, you would hire out commercial vehicles for private or business use. Though currently considered a good endeavor, any number of factors will figure into your success. Among these are your utilization of vehicles, how many you have available in your fleet, and the competition in your area. Regardless of your competitors, however, successful and abundant opportunities do exist for enterprising and intelligent entrepreneurs.

If you know your target market and how to deal with the competition, a relatively lucrative opportunity can be presented by van rental. Whether you offer long-term contracts or daily hires will be up to you. Just remember that a van parked in the garage is lost income.

What Should You Do First?

One of the first things you want to do is research your area’s van rental business potential. For your particular venture, is this an ideal location? Are there other local van rental businesses? You can analyze your competition by having a complete understanding of your target customers and their needs. Talk to the locals and see if a van rental business is something from which you can benefit.

Van rental businesses do particularly well when located close to an airport, train station, bus depot, etc. You may consider locating elsewhere if none of these is located in your area.

Tourist spots are another potential profitable location. When exploring lucrative opportunities, this should not be ignored. Businesses or large groups of friends and family may choose to rent a van (and possibly a driver) in popular tourist locations.

Make sure to check out any necessary permits, regulatory requirements, etc. in regard to a van rental venture. So that any business emergencies are covered, also see to it that you have researched the insurance needed for adequate coverage.


Every vehicle under the sun, be it a van, truck, SUV, or something else, needs maintenance. Regularly scheduled inspections, emergency repairs, and more will all be required at some point or another. It’s always a good idea to have a reliable, competent service center to turn to for your van maintenance needs.

Required Skills

Are there any particular skills needed to start a van rental service? Of course, you’ll want to consider yourself an entrepreneur of the finest quality and personal resources. Unfortunately, more people than not view themselves as such, but end up being sadly lacking. A course in business management never hurt anyone. That aside, you should have exceptional marketing skills as well as being well acquainted with (and very good at) numbers. To help with branding and customer care, you’ll also want to be a considerably personable individual.

Additional things to consider will be whether or not to sign up with a franchise and deciding on a contract or daily hire format.

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