Alternative Truck Fuels: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a natural gas that exists in liquid form. It is primarily available as propane and butane. If you are looking for an alternative truck fuel, you may be considering LPG. Butane is typically used for indoor purposes such as heating whereas propane, with a lower boiling point, functions better outdoors and is the practical choice for commercial use. In this guide, we will be focusing primarily on propane, which is used as an alternative truck fuel.

What is Liquefied Petroleum Gas?

Liquefied petroleum gas is the favored choice for commercial use as it works better in low temperatures. Propane is stored as a liquid and has been used for decades to power vehicles. It is a colorless and odorless liquid that is stored in a tank and is a byproduct of crude oil refining and natural gas processing. It would pose no threat to soil, groundwater or surface water if it was to be spilled on the ground. With its high density, affordable cost and clean-burning properties, LPG is fast gaining interest as an alternative truck fuel. 

Applications of Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Did you know that after diesel and petroleum, LPG is the third most common fuel used for powering vehicles worldwide? HD-5 propane is used to power vehicles and contains a mixture of other gases. Stored in a pressurized tank onboard a vehicle, propane comes with a higher octane rating than gasoline. The majority of propane-fueled vehicles is used in fleet applications such as school buses and shuttle services. Besides powering vehicles, propane is also used in residential properties for BBQs, central heating, gas cookers, and many other purposes.

How to Obtain Liquefied Petroleum Gas for Your Needs

Under natural atmospheric pressure and at room temperature, LPG takes a gaseous state. For ease of transportation and storage, it is liquefied and stored in gas bottles for distribution. When you purchase LPG for your commercial needs, these bottles can be delivered directly to your address. Keep in mind that when LPG is released from its bottle, it will transform into gas. This gas is what will fuel your vehicle. With an increasing number of propane fueling stations available across the country, you can also refuel at one of these stations in your area.

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