Achieving The Ideal Refrigerated Trailer Temperature

A refrigerated trailer is used in the produce transportation industry to ensure that optimal conditions are maintained in order to ensure the product arrives at its destination in perfect condition. But refrigerated trailers aren’t just trailers that happen to be refrigerated pulled behind vehicles from one location to another. There are different kinds of refrigerated trailers.

Cycle-Sentry Refrigerated Trailers

With temperature settings of 24°F or less, frozen loads are commonly carried in cycle-sentry refers. Without causing damage to the product, significant temperature variances can be experienced with many frozen loads, so a constant temperature need not necessarily be precisely maintained.

Setpoints in Cycle-Sentry Refrigerated Trailers

Setpoints are used, however, the unit turns off when the ambient temperature inside the reefer reaches a certain point or lower (than the set point). At 5° past (higher than) the set point, the unit will then fire up again… and so on.

Continuous Refrigerated Trailers

For the transportation of vegetables and fruits, a continuous setting must be maintained, according to the produce industry. Product respiration causes heat which can only be handled by continuous airflow. During transport, when the air inside the trailer is able to flow more freely, conditions are easier to maintain.

There is a defrost cycle on this type of trailer during which ice buildup on coils is removed. And though the coils’ temperature difference can trigger auto defrost, every six hours they are factory set to defrost, regardless. Defrost cycles can be altered to accommodate varying product loads.

Even while defrosting, the temperature inside the trailer should never vary.

Setpoints For Continuous Refrigeration

Manually set by the driver, this is the setting at which the inside of the trailer must run at during transportation. Every continuous type reefer unit has one. Depending on the cargo, the customer will likely notify the trucking company at what temperature the product needs to be maintained. On a smart reefer download, the temperature reading must continually display the exact setpoint required by the customer/product.

Overall Outlook

Cycle-sentry units are the only units that should be transporting produce loads. Significant fuel savings are realized with t unit that operates on the cycle-sentry setting. Unfortunately, condensation in packaging and freezing on top boxes has been known to occur due to dramatically changing temperatures on cycle-sentry loads.

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