8 Important Checks When Buying A Used Reefer Trailer

Looking for a cost-effective option for your business’ temperature-controlled transportation needs? A used reefer trailer could be the answer. But before you purchase, it’s important to perform thorough inspections to ensure that the trailer fits your specific requirements and is in good working order. Our article will guide you through the top checks needed when buying a used reefer trailer, so you can confidently make an informed decision. 

Inspect Your Reefer Trailer’s Doors

To maintain the temperature and protect your products from spoilage, it’s essential to ensure that the doors of a reefer trailer function correctly. If you’re experiencing door issues, one common culprit is worn or damaged seals. These problems can cause temperature fluctuations and reduced efficiency.

Inspect The Unit Itself

As you strive to maintain the desired temperature inside the trailer, the reefer unit carrying this duty must work properly. To ensure this, inspect critical components such as Evaporator and fans for proper operation.

Inspect The Reefer Trailer’s Floor

When transporting cargo in a trailer, the most critical component is undoubtedly the floor. It holds the weight of your goods and protects them from getting damaged during transit, making its upkeep crucial. As you inspect your trailer’s foot, keep an eye on water damage or rot. Two common issues are weakened support structures and water damage. These problems could result in decreased stability and overall lower quality.

Inspect The Reefer Trailer Suspension System Components

To ensure a smooth ride and prevent damage to your cargo from road vibrations, it’s essential to maintain the suspension system. To ensure your vehicle operates smoothly and efficiently, it’s important to align and lubricate its axles and wheel bearings properly.

Brake Components For Wear Or Damage

Are you experiencing handling issues with your vehicle? One of the common culprits might be a worn or damaged suspension system. Such components can undermine the stability of your car and increase the chances of accidents.

Test The Reefer Unit

To ensure your reefer unit maintains the proper temperature and functions optimally, testing is essential. Common issues during testing include the unit not reaching the desired temperature or fluctuating temperatures, indicating potential problems with the unit’s performance.

Check The Reefer Unit Hour Meter

You can use the hour meter to keep track of the reefer unit’s total operating hours. This information is crucial as it lets you know about its usage history and any potential maintenance needs that should be addressed. To determine the average usage of a trailer, you should compare its age to the number of hours used. 

Check If The Batteries Have Been Replaced Recently

Using the batteries, you can provide power to both the reefer unit and other electrical components. When inspecting batteries: 

  • To ensure the proper functioning of your equipment, check for any signs of corrosion or damage to the terminals and connections.
  • To ensure the optimal performance of your device, confirm the age and timely replacement of its batteries.
  • Be vigilant about oil and fuel leaks to avoid pricy repairs and potential environmental risks. 
  • If you are experiencing leaks, it could be due to damaged seals or gaskets, cracked hoses, or corroded fuel tanks. These issues may need immediate repair or even replacement.

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