5 Reasons Step Vans Are Great for Food Trucks

You want to own a food truck business and hear others talking about step vans, but what are these? Here are reasons step vans are great for food trucks.

Solid Performance Records

Step Vans have a rich history as a transport option for food delivery.

They were deployed as freight delivery food vans from the thirties to deliver dairy goods and baked items. Now, most enterprises rely on food trucks that provide anything from traditional ice cream to bespoke menu items. Food van delivery is getting popular in the USA.

Over 2015, the food delivery sector held an asset valuation of nearly $857 million.

Ample Space for Serving Food and Cooking

If you work in the food service industry now, you might already understand that getting enough space to walk about to serve food is required, mainly when many workers operate inside the kitchen. Step Vans provide fast delivery and ample storage space.

Getting ample space for added equipment implies that you might get more advanced kitchen equipment like ovens, coffee machines, and stoves to elevate your food delivery to new heights.


Step Vans can be tailored to your needs, allowing you to optimize engine performance for better sales. You might add more equipment like televisions, audio amplifiers, security devices, makeshift awnings, service stall booths, or more.

Size remains an essential consideration. With Step Vans that range in length from 12 to 30 feet, there is a considerable span of sizes that might meet your requirements. Whether running a minor ice cream delivery van or a large stadium food van, you may get a step van to fulfill your service demands.

Mobile Delivery

By getting a mobile food van, you may bring your food delivery to many customers. You may drive vans to parties and events or go on an extended tour to earn more revenue. Venture into major markets by packing food and touring different market geographies, as long as you have obtained the necessary permits beforehand.

You might achieve all this without investing in buying physical land and supervising a restaurant in a physical building.

Step Vans as Mobile Food Trucks

Step Vans work well for food delivery services as the ceiling has a height that stands sufficiently high while providing ample space to get essential kitchen appliances set up; or the space for walking around. These trucks are low standing, often a “step” higher, rendering them accessible to exit and enter.

Step Vans, often used for food delivery, are produced in fixed sizes spanning 14 feet to 18 feet long, with some reaching 24 to 30 feet. Note that with bigger vans, the bigger the van is, the more difficult it gets to park in crowded spaces, park in small parking lots, or find garage spaces for parking at night.

One thing to note in considering the length of a truck is that this indicates the internal cargo space, which gets measured from the rear end of the driving seat to the back of the truck.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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