13 Must-Have Service Truck Accessories & Upgrades

Several well-picked truck accessories may transform your working truck and render it far more stylish, comfortable, organized, professional, or safe. Here are some must-have service truck accessories and upgrades.

150W Car Power Inverter

Remove the battery power struggles, and charge your mobile, laptop, and tablet when you drive with this inverter plug inside your lighter.

Airframe+ Phone Mount

Do you tap your mobile for GPS? Keep mobiles close by without hindering your sight using this air venting mount. Supplement: Ease up all mug holders for different beverages.

Parachute bags are a complete mode of keeping or reaching tiny objects – without a doubt. Milwaukee Tools produces a fundamental, lasting choice. Place these within 5-gallon pails to render them transportable or stackable.

Glass Breaker Multi-Tool

Tools Parachute Bags

Made for EMT or military purposes, these glass breaker multi-tools are produced from tungsten carbide while including seatbelt cutters with two wrench choices. We hope you don’t require this, but once you require this, this saves your breath.

Mounting Car Safe

Stash money safely but in an accessible way with a private vehicle safe. The mounting hardware makes this safe special – once it is sealed, it cannot be taken down from mounts.

Spill Kit

This simply accessible kit is handy for little antifreeze or oil spills in any working truck. Carpet cleaning, HVAC, pest control, or more professionals who deal with chemicals might consider more extensive, specialized kits for sudden leaks.

Trading Cab Commander

Don’t simply place your mobile or laptop, working files, documents, or tiny objects like business flyers on your seats – and next, let these loose once you turn a corner. Keep these in position using the Cab Commander, the copilot you never knew would help.

Survival Supply Roadside Rescue Kit

You’ve likely assembled jumper cables beforehand – and we wish you hold some fire extinguishers. Still, do you hold a strong tow rope, bright flashlights, stormy weather jackets, or first aid kits? Obtain these all packed together with these rescue kits.

Explorer 500 Bluetooth Headset

Quit hollering loudly above road sounds upon receiving client calls – or employ your mobile phone when driving. These noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets have premium voice technology, making you sound as confident as possible.

Military Portable Shovel and Multi-tool

Working trucks drive very harsh terrain, so a mobile shovel may let you shovel out of snow, mud, and other problematic areas. This one also contains a bottle opener, whistle, pickaxe, saw, fire starter, and more, from plain shovels to essential, powerful survival tools.

Cordless Power Inflator Kit

You will quickly get to all appointments and maintain tire inflation until you arrive at the store.

Housecall Pro

Put a limit on clipboards or bulky piles of invoices occupying precious space in your trucks and bid an end to paperwork. Housecall Pro holds all you require –invoicing, appointment booking, estimates, or more – within their accessible apps. Get these on your mobile or download the new iPad app and bring it around.

LED Lighting

LED lighting simply tops the market for truck lighting bulbs, either internal or external. Relative to ordinary car lighting, LED lighting shines far brighter, endures for longer, or emerges with various styles or colors.

Truck Accessories

Several well-picked truck accessories may transform your working truck and render it far more stylish, comfortable, organized, professional, or safe. While trucks are designed to handle rugged terrains, some service truck accessories can improve your vehicle. The above accessories improve truck performance.

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