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In Sink: ‘Bullish’ on Mickey

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By Dean Sink, Mickey President As you probably know, Mickey Truck Bodies is 113 years old, and for that entire time we have been family-owned and operated. We have also been privately-owned, which means we are not influenced by the so-called ?Wizards of Wall Street.? We make our own decisions based on what?s best for our company, our employees and our customers.

Dean Sink

Case in point #1: The new lift gate installation and van body assembly plant we recently broke ground on adjacent to our existing High Point manufacturing complex. We moved quickly to purchase this land when it became available in 2015, even though at the time we didn?t have an immediate need for the space. We carefully assessed our current and future needs and planned prudently for this new facility. It will be up and running this year.

Case in point #2: The Mickey Party Time Event Trailer. At Mickey, we listen to our customers, not to an outside board of directors or absentee investors. Our customers told us they need a quality, durable and versatile event trailer to dispense their products and expose their brands to large crowds of consumers gathered for a variety of occasions. Not to mention, they wanted this event trailer to look really sharp. So we designed our event trailer up to the same high quality engineering and construction standards that we adhere to on all of our bodies and trailers ? or as Comer Distributing President Chip Comer put it: ?? The excellent Mickey craftsmanship.?

But just because we are a successful private company that is 113 years old doesn?t mean we?ll never make it to the New York Stock Exchange. Be sure to read the Schneider National story in this issue of The Spirit. We did in fact make it to Wall Street, and we got there because our customers are ?bullish? on Mickey Truck Bodies.

Happy reading.

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