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Rocky Barham – Feb. 2, 1956 to Jan. 11, 2021

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Rocky Barham throughout his Mickey career

HIGH POINT, NC ? FEBRUARY 2021 ? Rocky Barham, a member of the Mickey Truck Bodies team since May 25, 1977, passed away on January 11, 2021 after a long illness. He was 64.

Born Rocklan Stafford Barham, he was simply known has ?Rocky? by all his Mickey colleagues and loyal customers, who always knew they were in good hands when they heard the voice on the other end of the phone say: ?This is Rocky.? For most of his 44 years at Mickey, Rocky worked in Parts Sales, and was largely considered to be the face of The Mickey Parts Team. An avid golfer, Rocky loved that sport almost as much as he loved working at Mickey. (He was born in Augusta, GA, home of the annual Masters Golf Tournament.)

Rocky is survived by his wife Martha ?Marty? Barham; his mother, Mary Barham; five brothers and two sisters; and six nieces and nephews.

?Rocky actually started here as a welder. I don?t remember when we moved him into Parts, but it was one of the best decisions we ever made. He brought a new level of professionalism and passion to the team. He made the Parts Department something special at Mickey. Rocky measured his success in only one way ? customer satisfaction. And the customers loved him for it. Whether he was selling parts or teeing off on the first hole, or playing on the company softball team, Rocky always gave it his all. No matter what he was doing. That?s just the way he was.? ? Dean Sink, Executive Chairman, Mickey Truck Bodies

?If you were lucky enough to have Rocky as a friend, he would give you the shirt off his back. I don?t know of anyone who has anything bad to say about him. His work ethic was second to none. He worked very hard for our company and for our customers. He was very well respected everywhere.? – Carl Mickey, Jr., Chairman, Mickey Truck Bodies

?Rocky was the guy you could always count on. He was amazing at providing customers with parts for equipment that could have been 15 years old or older. When Rocky said, ?I?ll take care of it,? I knew I could move on to something else. I can?t tell you how many times we would be at a convention and a customer would ask, ?Is Rocky here? I?d like to meet him.? He was truly one of the good guys.? – Wayne Childress, retired from Mickey as VP Sales in 2013 after 29 years

?Any time I left Rocky, his goodbye was always the same. He?d say, ?Ok ol? buddy, I will see you later. If you need me call me.? To me, that is a true friend that will always be remembered.? – Ricky Bean, retired from Mickey in 2019 after 35 years

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