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An AEV ambulance body ? ?the most structurally sound in the industry, by far.?

Joe Sebbio, the owner of Salem, OH-based Mobile Automotive Repair Service, has successfully repaired so many ambulances over the past 40 years he can hardly keep track. But the unit he was most impressed with was one that could not be repaired.

It was a 1997 AEV mobile intensive care unit upfitted from a Mickey Truck Bodies module and mounted on a Freightliner FL60. The vehicle rolled over taking a curve at a high rate of speed while on route to a patient pick-up. The unit was still on its roof when Joe arrived at the scene.

The insurance company ?totaled? the vehicle ?due to the extensive damage to the chassis. It was twisted beyond practical repair,? Joe explains. ?When the truck was righted, I had the opportunity to inspect it thoroughly and was truly amazed to find that every door on the body opened as though no accident had occurred. They weren?t even out of square.?

After completely removing all interior cabinetry, flooring and wiring, Joe found ?only two broken welds,? both in the left rear upper corner where the module first struck the ground. The body was still perfectly mounted to the chassis. ?I?ve seen other ambulance brands that have met the same fate and looked as though there had been an explosion in the module. Some of those brands actually had the module body glued and screwed together. An AEV ambulance body built by Mickey is, in my opinion, absolutely the best designed, constructed and longest lasting in the industry … period. I?ve serviced more than 16 different brands of ambulances and none of those have come anywhere near the build quality of AEV and Mickey. It speaks to excellent partnership between these two companies. They never lock horns in engineering. They work together to build a great product for the customer, whether the order is for a single unit or an entire fleet.?

The quality of the rolled-over unit is no fluke, Joe stresses. He currently maintains a near-identical 2000 AEV/Mickey/Freightliner FL60 ambulance with 311,000 miles. ?The body is nearly as tight as it was when it was new,? he says. ?There has never been an alignment problem with any of the doors, no broken welds and the paint is even in excellent condition considering the damaging liquid brine and salt used on the Ohio roads in winter. AEV emergency vehicles are the most structurally sound in the industry, by far.?

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