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In-Sink: ‘Conventional’ wisdom

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By Dean Sink, Mickey President

Dean Sink

At Mickey Truck Bodies we consider ourselves to be students of every industry we serve, even in those industries where we are the market leader. As much as we know about building high quality truck bodies and trailers, our learning is never ending.

That?s why members of the Mickey team attend many conventions, conferences and trade shows every year covering a wide variety of industries. They are excellent platforms for knowledge sharing, networking and collecting instant feedback about our products and services from a credible audience. At these shows we talk to our customers as well as representatives from companies that do not buy from Mickey. Either way, we hear first hand about current trends and needs as well as opportunities for products, features and services that can help us stay ahead of the curve. For us, it?s all usable, actionable information.

Of course, we don?t go to every convention open to us as exhibitor or attendee. Tom Arland, our VP Corporate Sales, and his team do an excellent job of vetting out the events that are most relevant to our company, our customers and our prospects. And while they never pass up the opportunity to make a sale, selling is not the only reason ? or even the main reason ? they attend these shows.

Whenever we can, we also like to have our equipment on a show floor. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of the real thing. We make the best looking, best working bodies and trailers in the world. When fleet people actually see our products, open the doors, look inside, examine the mounting and all the features, they can?t help but be impressed.

A well organized, well attended convention is a great opportunity to meet new people who work in the same industry and share knowledge that can help everybody thrive and stay compliant with ever-changing trends, needs and regulations. There’s a tremendous amount of sharing, learning and relationship-building that can happen at these venues. In this issue of the Spirit we write about the most recent conventions we?ve attended.

And while we?re on the subject of knowledge sharing, be sure to read the story on ?Manufacturing Day? at Mickey. We?re always looking for talented, ambitious people to join the Mickey team. And it?s never too early to start the process.

See you at the next show. Happy reading.

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