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Scott Rankin

Scott Rankin

Mickey Truck Bodies, which is celebrating its 110th year in business, has earned an unshakable reputation as the most versatile manufacturer of specialized truck bodies and trailers built and designed for durability, ease of use, safety and appearance. A perfect example of this commitment to excellence are the company?s roll-up doors, widely recognized as the lightest, strongest, most consistent and easiest to operate in the industry.

?The most important component of a roll-up door is the counterbalance, or door operator,? says Dean Sink, Mickey President. ?The counterbalance has to provide the perfect amount of force for easy-opening lift when making a delivery, and the smooth action to close the overhead door. That?s why we have partnered with Vulcan Spring for the past 35 years. They are the leading manufacturer of beverage truck door counterbalances, and their experience and computerized manufacturing equipment allows them to deliver the shortest time to market in the industry.? 

Mickey?s roll-up door counterbalances are manufactured to the exact specification for each body and trailer from the time of production all the way to the end user, ensuring a proper and reliable part.

?We work with Mickey engineers to analyze actual door weights and to custom design a spring that matches the exact requirements of the door,? says Scott Rankin, President of Telford, PA-based Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co. ?The operators are pre-wound at our factory to ensure consistency in operation, ease of installation and reliable performance. No Mickey competitor does that.? Vulcan?s unique design process also keeps the spring from twisting when the door is being opened or closed.

Another benefit of the Vulcan counterbalance over its competitors is that it?s made with food grade-approved grease versus standard petroleum, so it?s safe for beverages and other consumable products.

Despite its position at the top of its industry, Vulcan, like Mickey, refuses to rest on its laurels. ?We are constantly looking for ways to improve all of our products,? Rankin stresses. ?Our most recent change to the operators was to improve the quality of the steel used in the springs. We also increased the size of the outer washers for greater protection of the bearings and spring. Our manufacturing process is constantly being updated to consistently provide high quality, on-time delivery and great service, all at a reasonable price. We strive for constant and never-ending improvement. Currently we?re working very closely with Mickey engineers to create several new and improved products. Mickey entrusted us with a trailer so we could test Vulcan operators in real world situations. That?s how we made the recent changes. This type of hands-on testing allows us to see variation in doors and manufacture accordingly, and helps keep us moving forward. We distinguish ourselves by partnering with our clients and dedicating ourselves to their success.?

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